Priests to hear confessions in shopping mall

No. You didn’t imagine it and no it isn’t Father Ted.

Priests are going to set up a grotto at Skycourt Shopping Centre in Shannon offering absolution to repentant sinners.

Sit up here on my knee, you grand little middle-aged man, and tell me all your sins.

Seriously. What on earth do these lads think they’re doing?

Father Santa Grotto

Here are these clerics, setting up a stall in a shopping mall, offering absolution from sin, as if they have any credibility. As if they shouldn’t be lying on the floor, face down, begging forgiveness of every shopper who passes instead of offering absolution.

Who do they think they are to be forgiving anyone for anything?

Have they even the slightest clue about the symbolism of what they’re doing? Do they not realise it was barely yesterday the country realised what their pals were getting up to, what their bishops were hiding?  And now here they are, as oblivious to reality as any Ted or Dougal, behaving like religious chuggers  in a shopping centre at Christmas.

What were they thinking?

Did it ever dawn on them how sinister that might appear to many of the people whose faith in their bona fides has been so rattled that they will probably never trust a priest again? Any priest.

What on earth were these guys thinking when they decided to set up a parallel Santa’s grotto?

Do they not realise how creepy that looks? We can only hope they don’t get lost in the lingerie department.