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Louisiana Literacy Test – 1964

Fifty years ago, voting in the state of Louisiana was restricted to people who had attended school to Fifth-grade.  Anyone who couldn’t prove that they had this minimal level of education was required to pass an insane literacy test packed with questions that were deliberately confusing and ambiguous.

The test, of course, had nothing to do with education and everything to do with excluding blacks from the vote.  Countless ignorant, uneducated crackers were excused from taking the test while nearly all Louisiana blacks, even those with a university education, were forced to solve this ludicrous puzzle.

Here’s a few examples.

  • In the space below write the word “noise” backwards and place a dot over what would have been the second letter should it have been written forward.
  • In the first circle below write the last letter of the first word beginning with “L”
  • Cross out the number not necessary when making the number below one million.


  • In the third square below write the second letter of the fourth word.
  • Write right from the left to the right as you see it spelled here.
  • Write every other word in the first line and print every third word in the same line but capitalize the fifth word that you write.

That sort of stupidity.   You can just see the ignorant redneck pedant who dreamed it up wheezing at his own cleverness, which is fairly limited since some of the questions could only have been posed by an ignorant, uneducated fool.

This, for example:

Divide a vertical line in two equal parts by bisecting it with a curved horizontal line that is straight at the point of bisection of the vertical.

People sitting the test had ten minutes to finish it, and they failed the test if they got a single question wrong (as judged by the all-white registrars of voters).  Most blacks failed.  Most whites passed.

Of course, that sort of thing would never happen today, right?

Why not take the test for yourself and find out if you would have been illiterate according to the State of Louisiana in 1964?

Louisiana State Literacy Test 1964 001



Louisiana State Literacy Test 1964 002

Louisiana State Literacy Test 1964 003

Here are some Harvard students trying to prove their literacy.



Darren Scully, Naas Mayor, Refuses to Represent Black Africans

Homo Ignorans

Darren Scully, mayor of Naas, didn’t say that he was refusing to represent all people who were rude to him.

Only Black Africans.

All black Africans regardless of what country they come from.  Think of the mind-boggling stupidity of such a thing, not to mention the uneducated parochialism behind it.  Think of the dull, redneck mentality that views the rest of the world as Not-Kildare.

Darren Scully thinks all black Africans are the same, though they come from a gigantic and diverse continent.  It’s like saying he’ll never represent Italians because he met a bad-mannered Russian.


I don’t know where the ill-mannered Africans came from that Darren Scully is complaining about, but I suspect they were Nigerian.  You don’t have to be Irish to complain about Nigerian attitudes, but that isn’t a racial issue.  It’s a cultural one.  I believe many people from Cameroon, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Burkina Faso and Niger have difficulty with some Nigerians because a slice of Nigerian society has somehow come to view itself as the master race, and many Nigerians manifest an attitude of arrogance to other Africans as well as to Irish natives.

Darren Scully who, I’m reliably informed, is definitely not Einstein, would struggle to comprehend the fine distinction in that.  They’re feckin black and they’re from Not-Kildare.  What more do you want?

Jesus, he should go out and take a look at the ignorant inbreds living within twenty miles of his own little town before he goes labelling the people of an entire continent.  Is he refusing to represent those gobshites?

No.   He isn’t, and that’s what makes his statement racist.  If Darren Scully had said he’d represent Ghanaians, Congolese, Kenyans, Tanzanians, Mozambicans and Namibians but not Nigerians, he wouldn’t be making a racist statement.  He’d be generalising about a nation, however unfairly.  But as far as I can see, this petty politician from an insignificant backwater lacks both the vision and the education to understand that there’s a great big world out there.

What a fool.  And listening to the radio, it seems that every unthinking knee-jerk bigot in Ireland agrees with him.

Is this the sort of uninformed demagogue we can expect to see more of in difficult economic times?  History repeats itself.




Darren Scully has resigned as mayor of Naas.

I wish to apologise unreservedly for my remarks on 4FM and KFM, he said. I realise they have caused deep hurt and offence in all communities and in all sectors of society.

“I realise now that my remarks were open to an interpretation that I did not intend. I abhor racism in all its forms.

I wonder where he stands on stupidity.



Guess what?  Based on this post, some idiots have accused me of racism.

Why?  Because I criticised Nigerians.  Idiots.

Imagine what would happen if if you criticised Germans.


Blaming Immigrants

There’s a particularly incendiary post going around Facebook at the moment, possible devised by bank executives or Fianna Fáil members.

It reads as follows, with apologies for the capitals and the moronic text-speak.

U pass the north korean border illegaly, u get 12 yrs hard labour!! U pass the Afghan border illegaly, u get SHOT!! U pass the Irish border illegaly, U GET A JOB, DRIVERS LICENCE, PLACE TO LIVE, MEDICAL CARD, HOUSING BENEFIT, FREE EDUCATION, CHILD BENEFIT…. NEED I CARRY ON !! DIS COUNTRY IS A FUCKING JOKE !!! NO WONDER WE ARE A COUNTRY IN THE HEIGHT OF DEBT !!!! PUT AS UR STATUS IF U AGREE …

Whoever wrote this obviously doesn’t read the papers and doesn’t know that €70 billion of our money is committed to pay for the greed, stupidity and dishonesty of the people who ran the banks in this country.  It’s easier to blame a group who cost almost nothing than to point the finger at those rich crooks who have sucked every last penny out of our economy.

Why are people so happy handing over billions to extremely wealthy businessmen, and at the same time so hostile to the most vulnerable, even if they have a few scammers among them?  At least they’re not all bankers.


Gaelscoil – The Skinny Latte of Irish Education or Something More Sinister?

I was chatting to a friend of mine today when somehow or other the subject of gaelscoileanna came up.  I don’t know why.  Despite having been taught exclusively through Irish for a large chunk of my own school life, I didn’t give the subject much thought in recent years, except perhaps to wonder at the  motives of some parents.

Even though I’m all for a revival of the language, it did seem to me that the outbreak of all-Irish schools in urban areas was bit of a yummy-mummy fashion statement from the Celtic Wombat era, along with skinny lattes and BMW jeeps.

Obviously, I don’t question the motives of all parents.  There are many who sincerely wish their children to emerge from school fluent in Irish, even if that Irish is heavily-accented with strangulated middle-class vowels.  But so what?  People can educate their kids any way they like and it hardly matters what I think.  Maybe it’s a good thing for the language to survive in the affluent suburbs of Irish towns and cities rather than dying out completely, even if it ends up as little more than a designer fashion accessory for many people.

I wasn’t expecting what came next.

Supposing, my friend wanted to know, supposing the demand for all these gaelscoileanna was not entirely because of a fervent desire to revive the Irish language?  Suppose there are parents – a significant proportion of the parents – who want their children to attend an all-Irish school so they won’t have to mix with the children of immigrants?

Suppose there’s a slice of Irish society that embraced the Gaelscoil movement as a convenient way to hide their xenophobia, racism or snobbery, knowing that the schools would have a lower proportion of poor kids attending and almost no Africans, Poles, Russians, Chinese or Indians?

It was a tough question, and I didn’t have an answer, but I’ll throw it out here anyway.

What do you think?  Is there any truth in it?  Besides the sincere, well-motivated parents, are there some who choose to send their kids to a gaelscoil for the wrong reasons?


Some people might have a problem with this

For my first post here at Bock Central, I’ve chosen an odd little tale that should be right up your alley, so to speak. Ethnic relations, social gaffes, and offensive comments. Perfect.

So this is how it goes.

A friend of mine got married recently and was looking to rent a house in Limerick. So he began the generally tedious process of viewing various properties.

One particular location was a two-bedroom affair (sounds athletic, eh?) with a garden. At the end of the garden stood a granny flat, about which the estate agent has this to say:

‘It’s already rented and has its own entrance. You just share the garden.’


‘They’re Pakistanis. Now, I only mention it because some people might have a problem with that. I’m just saying.’

Awkward silence. My friend couldn’t think of a valid response. The agent had no follow up observation. So more silence followed until,

‘Aaaaand this is the kitchen…’

This story intrigued me because, although granted the agent’s statement is potentially ‘racist’ or at least politically incorrect, it also happens to be quite true. Some people do have a problem with that.

Questions abound.

Should the agent have said nothing? Perhaps; but then he might have unknowingly subjected his Pakistani renters to a racist neighbour, who might then be furious with the agent for not pointing this out in the first place.

Should he really want to rent to a racist anyway? But wouldn’t denying the house to a racist be, in effect, a kind of discrimination? Do estate agents have the right to act as thought police?


(On a parenthetical note: I’m always confused by people who claim they are ‘just saying’ something. As opposed to what? Meaning it? Hitting you? I’m baffled.)



I Don’t Want Your Link

Most bloggers are delighted when somebody links to them, and I’m no exception, or at least I wasn’t an exception until today.

However, I have to tell you that I’m ashamed and embarrassed to be linked by THIS RACIST HOMOPHOBIC FOOL, and I’m insulted that he claims to be a fellow Irishman.

This prick can take his links and his comments and shove them up his arse.

They’re not welcome here, and neither is he.

Internet Politics World

Where do Irish-Americans Stand on This Sort of Thing?

How would you react if somebody wrote to you about the illiterate, ignorant genetic traits of Africans, or Jews?

I wrote a disparaging post about President Bush and his policies a few days ago and of course I got the usual deluge of criticism.

Not a problem. I’m a grown-up now and I don’t cry or run away.

But then I received this from one of my critics, Effinayright, in West Newbury, Massachussetts:


You really do think the sun shines from your fundament, donââ€â„¢t you. Or is a case of you spending WAAAAY too much time at the village shabeenâ….

Bottom line: Bock, an anonymous twit, does not define or validate US national security concerns. We went to war for OUR reasons, which are not subject to YOUR veto or your limp-wristed waving them off as inconsquential..

And of COURSE Irelandââ€â„¢s never waged an ââ€Å“aggressiveâ” war on foreign soil : for centuries it was filled with bog-hoppers ruled by D-list British ââ€Å“noblesâ” who found it quite easy to cow an illiterate and ignorant populace, genetic traits Bock obviously carries to this day.

But we also note your little dodge with that ââ€Å“foreign soilâ” bit: I suppose youââ€â„¢ve forgotten that recent unpleasantness with the North, which certainly sees itself as ââ€Å“foreignâ” to Eire. Quaere: Do you still burn votive candles in front of Gerry Adamsââ€â„¢ portrait?


What do you reckon guys? Suppose this American had referred to the illiterate, ignorant genetic traits of Africans, or Jews? How would that go down?

Is this kind of racial slur a normal way to conduct debate in the United States?

Is this what Americans think of the Irish?

I realise that my original post was aimed at Bush, and it was intended to make people laugh, but anyone who knows this site will be familiar with the kind of thing that goes on here.

I was a bit disappointed with all the taunts: “you are a knuckle-dragger”, “you are an idiot”. I had hoped for a better standard from Americans, but I can live with that. As I said, I’m a grown-up, and playground insults don’t hurt me.

However, I thought that comment from Effinayright revealed a great deal about the mindset behind the insult.

It suggested Ivy-League disdain and contempt for cultures he considers inferior.

And if he can be so dismissive of my culture, which is strong in America and unafraid of his kind, imagine how he would treat Iraqis at the wrong end of his gun.

Effinayright continues to shout abuse but he’ll receive no platform here, unless he apologises unreservedly for his pathetic racial insults. Is it a New England thing?

Maybe his hero, Mark Steyn, will give him space to fume.



Then we had the splendid Nomennovum, who started out by claiming to be Irish-American. When challenged on his spelling of an Irish-language phrase, here’s his reply:

You spell it your way, Iââ€â„¢ll spell it mine. Go look it up. Itââ€â„¢s like Arabic, dude. The Irish, the illiterates that they were, did not invent the Roman alphabet. So, they hardly know how to spell in their native tongue.

Interesting comment from a true Irish-American, wouldn’t you say?  Someone with a lot of pride in his culture.


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Trevor Brennan 3

Well there you have it. Trev’s been banned for life.

Personally, I don’t see why it’s such a terrible thing to be thumping unpleasant little prats who scream sectarian abuse at you. Let’s not forget that rugby followers in these islands are overwhelmingly peaceful people. You will not see a fight at a rugby game (except, perhaps, on the field). But Ulster, unfortunately, has a very unpleasant minority within it, who are both sectarian and racist. This is a pity.

A dear friend of us all died a few years back. Jock Hunter was born in the Western Isles of Scotland and was one of the great raconteurs: a man whose stories were so good, you didn’t care if they were true. Anyway, Jock blundered into Limerick in his late fifties. He was a bit of an oddity. Jock had what the Brits confusingly call a “public school” education, meaning an extremely expensive education, and he was the son of some Scottish lord. Though he sprang from their ruling classes, he was also a wild man, a chancer, and a thoroughly decent fellow, loved by everyone. Though he grew up in a Free Presbyterian household, he ended his days a true Munsterman, and his proudest boast was of an incident that happened when Ulster came to Thomond Park to play Munster.

I’ve finally made it, he used to laugh. I’m finally a real Munsterman.

And then he’d break into his great wheezing bellowing laugh before flinging back another gulp of Guinness.

D’you know what they shouted at me? They said Fuck off you Fenian Bastard!! Me! A black Prod!!

Unfortunately, that isn’t the only kind of black they tend to abuse.

Back to Trevor. Many are wondering why he got such a savage sentence, but I think there’s little enough mystery in it. Trevor is from the wrong side of the tracks as far as the alickadoos are concerned, and they’re delighted to put him back in his rightful place. Here’s what Zucchini says:

I have been present [in Thomond Park] when he played for Leinster against Munster and the abuse that he got from his own supporters was actually a lot worse than anything we could throw at him. Saying things along the lines of “Go back to your working class roots Brennan where you belong” were hurled at him by a crowd of D4 gobshites one night in T.P. fuckit did they not know where they were for fucks sake.

You think that’s not true? Here’s something I wrote last year. I didn’t make it up.

True Story


Trevor Brennan 2

Trevor Brennan

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What it means to be Irish

I don’t know.

I have no idea what it means to be Irish. In spite of the fact that – as far as I’m aware- my people have lived here forever, I feel very reluctant to call myself Irish, because I don’t know what the term Irish means. I feel even more uncomfortable when I hear this new expression: the New Irish. Hold on a fucking minute. New Irish? What exactly does that mean? Is that one of those condescending new terms we have to swallow or else be killed by the PC people? Apparently so.

Let me be blunt about this. I really couldn’t give a flying fuck about the colour of your skin, or where you came from, or what religion you have. Really – I couldn’t care less. You’re welcome in my country, and I’ll take you for what you are. But if you came from some other country, I hope you have the same tolerant view about me. I hope you couldn’t care less about my religion or my skin-colour, or my political views .

And if you think somebody’s religion, or skin colour, or political views are a problem, well then, that’s a problem. It’s a problem for you, because you’re in my country. So, what can you do if you if you think my religion, or my lack of religion, or my skin colour, or my political views are a problem? Very simple. You can fuck off back to where you came from.


The savage-stupid gene

I don’t watch the Big Brother show, but it would be impossible to miss the controversy that’s going on at the moment over the behaviour of some participants. India is outraged at some comments which seem to be racist, though I didn’t hear them myself. People are burning effigies on the street. (By the way, what is it with India and effigies? I wonder if I opened a chain of effigy shops across India and Pakistan, would they be a success? I’d say they’d make a fortune for me).

I have to confess, to my embarrassment, I never heard of Shilpa Shetty until this evening. Shame on me. But even further shame on me for knowing who Jade Goody is.

There couldn’t be a greater contrast between two human beings. Shilpa is beautiful, gracious,well-mannered and educated. Jade is a fat, ignorant, foul-mouthed, illiterate thug.

The Big Brother organisation has brought the two together on one unreality tv show, and both are showing their true colours. Shilpa is reasonable, patient, conciliatory and courteous. Jade is loud, aggressive and stupid. Unfortunately, it seems that Jade and two other shaved apes have been doing their best to make Shilpa’s life miserable, and you can only presume it’s because, when they look at Shilpa, they see everything they themselves are not.

I’m getting very tired of this glorification of the underclass, I really am. Who? No, I’m not talking about the poor people. I’m referring to the know-nothing fools who shout their way through our day-to-day lives, spitting chewing gum on the footpaths, writing their stupid names on bus seats – Beyoncé luvs Wayne – leaving their beer tins in our doorways and their rubbish bags full of frozen-dinner-wrappers in our streets after dark for somebody else to take away because they’re too fucking lazy or too fucking stingy to pay or too fucking stupid. The gobshites in little Toyota fucking Starlets with a gigantic boom-box I can hear four blocks away, and an even bigger fucking exhaust pipe I can hear in the next county. That’s what I’m talking about. A bunch of useless empty-headed pricks swaggering around our towns, filthying everything they touch.

Jade Goody is just their representative on tv at the moment, but nevertheless is a good enough picture of what we’re dealing with. The Brits call them chavs, and over there they have it a bit worse than we do at the moment, though that too is changing. I think the reason is simple. In previous centuries, the Brits had a war every twenty years or so, and slaughtered these fuckers by the thousands, but lately two things have happened. They’re having fewer wars and they’ve started insisting that their soldiers should be able to read. This is obviously a disastrous policy, keeping all these stupid chavs out of harm’s way, when really they’ve been bred to walk into a hail of bullets. It’s all they know. As for our own home-grown chavs here in Ireland, I think they’re the descendants of the scum the Brits drafted into their armies in the good old days. I think they’re descended from the scum the Brits placed in garrison towns like Limerick and Cork and Athlone and Dublin. I think they were born with the savage-stupid gene: the ideal combination for the Khyber Pass, but not so great for the streets of your home town.

Anyway, Shilpa needn’t worry. These under-evolved fools are the real losers. In fact, they were born losers.