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Giving birth reduces trauma of rape, says farmer on Vincent Browne show

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I’m just going to leave this here without comment. A farmer on the Vincent Browne show, opposing abortion, explains to women that giving birth reduces trauma of rape. There really is no need to say anything more about this. I suppose it’s what a lifetime thinking of women as heifers reduces a man to.




Sexual abuse

Rape Victim Force-Fed and Cut Open in Ireland

That’s right.  I’ll say it again.

Rape Victim Force-Fed and Cut Open in Ireland

A woman who had been raped looked for an abortion when she discovered at eight weeks that she was pregnant.

Under our new compassionate law, following the horrifying death of Savita Halappanavar, the woman was entitled to seek an abortion if she was pregnant and suicidal, but this is Ireland, the most moral country in Europe, and therefore it’s not that simple.

Instead of acting on the issue immediately, the medical experts who have legal jurisdiction over her body made the woman wait a further four months, until the foetus became viable.  An Irish solution to an Irish problem, as that vile old cynic, Charlie Haughey, once intoned.

When the pregnant rape-victim went on hunger strike, they force fed her.

They then anaesthetised her, cut her open and delivered the now-viable six-month-old baby.

None of this happened in Pakistan.   This happened in a country that claims to be a modern, secular, western European democracy.

Welcome to Ireland, the world’s most moral country.

If you happen to be a rape victim, here’s my advice.  Get out of this little Caliphate as fast as you can before the men in the white coats come for you and force you to bear your rapist’s child, whether you want to or not.



Two Rapists, One Judge, Same Bullshit, Different Day

You might remember our friend Adam Keane, the rapist, who received a suspended three-year sentence from Mr Justice Paul Carney back in March. At the time, Keane’s suspended sentence was activated when he contemptuously flicked a cigarette butt at his victim after the trial.

Well, today, following the DPP’s appeal against the leniency of the sentence, he was sentenced to 10 years by the Court of Criminal Appeal.


Now maybe the DPP would look at another of Justice Carney’s sentences. I see in today’s paper that a man who continually raped two of his sisters over a period of ten years, and who faced 69 charges, got six years in prison. Mr Carney took the view that these offences would normally warrant a twelve-year sentence but that, as the defendant had cooperated with police, had pleaded guilty and had no previous convictions, he’d sentence him to six years instead.

No previous convictions? Oh, isn’t that nice?

This pervert fucker had no previous convictions because he wasn’t caught, Carney, you disconnected-judge-person!!! And he cooperated with the cops? So fucking what? He was caught, the fucking bastard. Caught, Carney.  Caught!  What part of caught don’t you understand? Of course he cooperated with the police: he knew you’d give him a break for doing so.

No previous convictions, and no offences apart from keeping two children in a state of continual terror and degradation until one of them, at the age of seventeen, finally stood up to him with a knife, and threatened to kill the cowardly bastard. Well, Mr Carney, that makes all the fucking difference, doesn’t it? He cooperated with the cops and he had no other convictions.

What sort of convictions did you have in mind, I wonder.   Shoplifting? Embezzlement? Burglary? The sort of crimes that matter to the Irish judiciary: crimes against property. It didn’t matter that this evil bastard had violated these children for years and years. It didn’t matter that they’ll carry the scars for life.

As an aside to Judge Carney, let me just ask: Is that it, Paul? Is that how far you’ve travelled from reality, since the days when you used to get arrested kicking down the doors of hotel bars for a late drink? I remember when you were a reasonably decent man, still connected to reality. But now that you’re an established member of the judiciary, it seems you’ve joined the planet Nutcase, just like the rest of your cossetted,  detached, disconnected colleagues.

Returning to our latest rapist, let’s do the calcs. Sixty-nine charges. Twelve years per charge. Twelve multiplied by sixty-nine would make 828 years, wouldn’t it? Even a judge could figure that much out.

So let’s sentence him to that, and reduce it by half to account for his cooperation with the police when he was caught, and his lack of previous convictions. Then let’s give him a third off for good behaviour.

276 years in jail seems about fair, wouldn’t you think, Paul?



Adam Keane is a Convicted Rapist

Did you know that?

Adam Keane, a 20-year-old rapist from Daragh in Clare, claims his life has been ruined by the publicity surrounding his recent conviction for rape. He doesn’t like to see his name mentioned in public, even though he is a rapist and a piece of shit. The rapist, Adam Keane, 20, from Daragh, Co Clare, is upset because his victim, Mary Shannon, went public to protest against the leniency of the sentence that Adam Keane, the filthy rapist, got for committing rape.

Adam Keane, the rapist, was in court during the week, in front of Mr Justice Carney. Adam Keane, the rapist, broke into a woman’s house and raped her. When charged, Adam Keane pleaded not guilty and bizarrely, despite the fact that there was DNA evidence to prove that he was the rapist, two of the jury decided he was innocent. Adam Keane, the scumbag, was nevertheless convicted by a majority of 10 to 2. And Adam Keane is therefore officially a convicted rapist.

Mr Justice Carney said that he was uncomfortable giving Adam Keane the rapist a custodial sentence, because what Adam Keane did was “out of character”. Adam Keane, the rapist, came from a good home, and furthermore, the rapist bastard, Adam Keane, couldn’t remember committing the crime because Adam Keane, the filthy rapist fucker, was under the influence of drink and drugs.

So what did Mr Carney do? He gave Adam Keane, the rapist, a three-year suspended sentence.

Mary Shannon was horrified, and decided to waive anonymity. As a result, poor Adam Keane, the filthy rapist, thinks his life is ruined.

Now. Does Adam Keane, the scum rapist, think he had anything to do with ruining his own life, or that of Mary Shannon?

Apparently not. It’s the victim’s fault for not staying quiet about being raped by Adam Keane, the filthy vermin rapist scum.

And it’s the fault of the media for reporting Adam Keane’s identity. Did they lie? They did not. They simply reported that Adam Keane, 20, who lives in Daragh, County Clare, is an evil raping bastard. Which he is. Which is, in fact, simply the truth.

I’m fascinated by this defence, however, and I’m going to use it the next time I plough into a family of travelling Carpathian acrobats.

Mr Bock. You are charged with driving your gigantic Bockmobile straight into a troupe of travelling Carpathian acrobats, killing nine and maiming twenty-four of them. How do you plead?

Eh. Well, Judge. I’m not sure.

Come, come, Mr Bock. What can you mean?

Well, Judge, you see, I was out of my skull on tequila slammers and mescaline. I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face and I don’t remember a fuckin thing about it.

Oh. I see. Well, Mr Bock, as you clearly come from a good family, and as you’ve never mown down a family of acrobats before, I’m sentencing you to four nights in the pub. Now be off with you.

Thank you, Judge.

You’re welcome, Mr Bock. Next!

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