The Angel of Illinois

The Angel of Illinois

What’s the latest batshit crazy religious news?  Well how about this American story that’s gone viral? In broad outline, it goes like this. A girl is trapped in the tangled […]

More religion

Since we’re on a roll with this religious thing, let me just remind you that today is the Feast of the Beheading of Saint John the Baptist. See? Those Catholics […]

Limerick Churches

When I was small, my auntie used to take me to the churches around Limerick . It was great being a kid in those days. Spooky exorcist shit: plaster saints […]

The Working Class

It’s a strange expression, isn’t it? Working class. What does it mean? I’ve always had a problem with it, even though I’ve always vaguely understood its thrust. It’s very British. […]

Great Friday

For years, we have celebrated Good Friday by heading up to Lough Derg and going across the lake on boats, from Garrykennedy to Mountshannon. In keeping with tradition, we bring […]