Saint Bock's Gospel

Saint Bock’s Gospel

KLAKK-KLONKK!! Another shell slid into the breech of the Roman-built MkXIII Praetor assault cannon. KLANKK! The noise echoed off the cold stone walls of the cave. Too loud. Goddamn ! […]

Fuck off, St Patrick

Fuck off, St Patrick

Celebrations? What are we celebrating? Some Welsh [tag]religious[/tag] nutcase arrived over here and filled us with a load of bullshit that eventually went on to become the Irish [tag]Catholic[/tag] church? […]

Paedophile is not a word

Let’s get this nonsense out of the way right now. Paedophile is not a word. I remember when the perverts invented it about twenty-five years ago to cover up what […]

My Plan for Ireland vs England

My Plan for Ireland vs England

I was in my study, contemplating the beingness of nothingness and slugging back a quiet whiskey when a powerful rumbling shook the Bockschloss to its foundations. What the- I ejaculated […]

Doctors circle the wagons

Who remembers the Neary case? Michael Neary was an obstetrician in Drogheda who carried out unnecessary Caesarean hysterectomies on many women in his care. Neary treated his patients with contempt […]

Bock Joins the Scientologists

Some years back, I called to see the Scientologists in Florida. Lovely people. Here’s my diary from that experience: I’m getting truly sick of all these eighty-mile round trips to […]

Seán (can I call you that?)

Archbishop Seán Brady Armagh Co Down 18th December 2006 Dear Archbishop Brady, May I call you Seán? I read your comments in the paper today, and I have to tell […]

Ratzo's Leap

Ratzo’s Leap

Here’s the moment when the Popehound jumped out my bedroom window. Caught on cctv. ============================= Ratzo Ratzo 2 Das papahund Das papahundchen Curses Ratzo – First Blood