The Sacred Heart under threat.

There’s an article in today’s Irish Times about the decline of B&Bs in Ireland. A worrying article. A deeply worrying article, pointing to a potential collapse in one of our […]

The Holy Wormhole

I went to Part One of a funeral tonight: The Removal. I rarely go to Part Two, unless it’s someone big from Work, when maybe it would be important to […]

Dem bones dem bones

Dem bones dem bones

Christ, I’m bollixed. I decided that the only way to get some sort of shape on that goddam kitchen was to invite a gang of scroungers over for grub and […]

Fairy supplants Mary

I know. I know, I know, I know. We didn’t get to Donegal yet. I know. We will get to Donegal, but it will be by a circuitous route like […]

Still stuck in Knock

Still stuck in Knock

OK. It’s tomorow. Anyway, that was Knock. I didn’t go to the Basilica because there wasn’t time, and also because I was afraid they’d kill me if I tried to […]

Oh those feckin old bishops!

Bock is not big into religion, as you might have gathered. Bock, in fact, never sets foot inside a church, synagogue or temple unless, at the end of the ceremony, […]


I knew it. Sooner or later I knew one of my ideas was going to make me wealthy beyond man’s imagination, and now at last, the time has come. I […]