Przemyslaw Jakubowski Gets 15-Year Sentence For Kanturk Rape

Some crimes are too much for the imagination, and the attack that Przemyslaw Jakubowski committed on a woman in Kanturk is one of them.  Jakubowski, 36, pleaded not guilty and was jailed for 15 years but refused to accept the verdict of the jury.

He subjected his victim to torture, violence and degradation in a sustained assault that lasted a full 40 minutes.  It’s almost impossible to grasp  the fear, pain and despair experienced by the woman during that time, but this extract from the victim impact statement speaks for itself.

I was raped not once, not twice — but so many times and in so many ways.

These images haunt my nights, my days, my fears and my realities. After the attack I had to face my daughter who had just come out of school.

I will never forget the look on her face when she saw the state of me and not being able to explain to her what had happened to me.

Jakubowski had previous convictions for attempted rape in Poland.  He”ll be out in 11 years, a strong and healthy 47-year-old.  He will be immediately deported but in all likelihood will go on to attack and rape other women.

I can’t comprehend what creates somebody like him, and I don’t really care.  I could say he’s evil but calling people evil is a cop-out because it removes personal responsibility.  By definition, a  monster behaves in  monstrous ways but the real horror occurs when ordinary people behave like monsters.

On the other hand, there are psychopaths who feel nothing.  What do you do when something is missing, when some essential part of the human psyche that generates compassion, empathy and fellow feeling simply does not work?

My personal feeling is that society shouldn’t be wasting money trying to rehabilitate someone like Jakubowski, while his victim will, in all likelihood, never get over the trauma he inflicted.  Our only concern should be protecting ourselves  from him, which we could do in various ways.  A bullet would sort the problem out, and I doubt if anyone would lose sleep over it, but we don’t do that sort of thing any more.

That leaves permanent (and expensive) imprisonment, or castration through drugs or surgery.

Forget chemicals. I’d vote for the knife.