US Pulls Out of Iraq

Well, that seems to be that.  No more surge.  No more Shock ‘n’ Awe.

How many Iraqis have been killed?  I don’t know.  Some say a million, some say 100,000.  Take your pick.

What have the Americans achieved?

Well, they deposed a brutal dictator — one of the hundreds of brutal dictators all over the world — and in the process, they radicalised a secular society, replacing it with a militant, Islamic one.  They achieved something thousands of years failed to do, destroying priceless antiquities from the place where our civilisation was born.  They sacked Nineveh, drove tanks through  the Garden of Eden, flipped burgers in Babylon and pissed in the Tigris.

What did the National Guardsmen and women know of culture or pride?  Nothing.  Most of them didn’t own a passport.  Most of them had never read a book.  And these were the brutes who disrespected and abused an entire nation that had done nothing to them, dragging men out of their beds and humiliating them in front of their families.

Is it any wonder they became insurgents?  If a bunch of ignorant, illiterate, loudmouth thugs were burning my town, I’d be an insurgent too, and come to think of it, we had such a gang of killers in our land.  We called them the Black and Tans.

What have the Americans achieved?

Well, they now have a new enemy and a stronger Shi-ite influence in Iraq, something years of Iranian warfare against Iraq failed to achieve.

Have they reduced the threat to their own country?  No, since Saddam had nothing to do with 9-11.

Did anyone benefit?  Yes they did.

The Blackwater private army grew even stronger and made Erik Prince even richer, while at the same time slaughtering Iraqi civilians for daring to live in their own country.

Dick Cheney’s Halliburton made a fortune from the  oil wells and from feeding the armed forces.

George W Bush made a fortune from his involvement in arms companies.

Who lost?  Everyone else.  Iraq.  The world.  Civilisation.

And all because Saddam was going to start trading his oil in euros instead of dollars.

Imagine that.


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Saddam Killed Nelson Mandela

Even I wouldn’t believe Bush could be this stupid if I hadn’t heard it for myself.

Here’s Dubya in his own words:

“I heard somebody say, Where’s Mandela?’ Well, Mandela’s dead because Saddam Hussein killed all the Mandelas.”

You don’t believe me?

OK. I wouldn’t believe me either without evidence, so here you go. Listen to President GW Bush in his own words.

UPDATE: I received a couple of insightful replies to this.

You are an idiot, says Jimmy the Dhimmi of Tufts University, in his thoughtful academic way.

Dom helpfully explains that Bush really meant Saddam had killed everybody of Mandela’s character in Iraq. Isn’t it a good thing Dom is on hand to interpret Dubya for the rest of us?

He also explains that this was a joke story, though I’m not quite clear if he means the video is a forgery.


UPDATE 2: I’m overwhelmed by the love coming from America for this post. Some guy by the name of Steyn linked here and it’s resulted in every Bush sycophant on the face of the planet spamming me. Hey, no problem! Everyone’s welcome here. I was so touched by the love that I felt the need to post a thank-you HERE


UPDATE 3: What’s really strange is, nobody defines exactly what I wrote that they disagree with. It might be a good idea if somebody would quote the offending words. Perhaps Mr Steyn would oblige.


It’s been an interesting experiment and I think the reaction exposed something they didn’t intend to reveal (perhaps even to themselves).

It seems to me that they were most angered by what was in my mind at the time of posting, rather than what was actually posted.

They didn’t want me to take down the post, but rather to recant and be remorseful for my “error”.

At times, it was closer to a mediaeval heretic hunt than a 21st century discourse, and it goes to show how far America has moved away from freedom of thought, never mind freedom of speech.

Don’t forget, these are the same people who would lecture you about defending freedom, peace and democracy.

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I know this is tasteless, but . . .

Tonight I was listening to Newstalk when a report came on about the latest executions in Iraq.

The report said that the Iraqis had hanged two men, and had accidentally decapitated one of them in the process. Then it went on:

Journalists watched a video showing the execution of Saddam’s half-brother and the former head of Iraqi security.

Oh dear.

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Saddam’s Hanging

The Americans are very annoyed at the way Saddam was executed. Most of all, they seem to be upset that some of his guards shouted abuse and threats at him as he stood on the gallows. Threats? What threats could you possibly shout at a man with a rope around his neck – We’ll fuckin kill you?

Anyway, isn’t the hypocrisy simply astounding? They can claim with a straight face that it had nothing to do with them. The Iraqis did it. There’s Bush in his toga gesturing to a slave. Bring me a bowl of water for my hands. I am innocent of this man’s blood.

It’s ridiculous. They don’t like the screaming at the hanging. They didn’t mind the fact that his trial was a set-up and they didn’t mind keeping him prisoner until the Iraqis were ready to hang him, but they sure don’t want no shoutin’ at no hangin’.

Even Saddam himself would find this ludicrous. There you are standing on a scaffold. The rope is already around your neck. Your hands and feet are bound. Any second now, that flap will open and you’ll fall to your death. What are you thinking to yourself?

I hope they don’t shout at me.

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Great Brutal Dictators

Suppose you woke up one morning and discovered you were a brutal dictator. Never mind how it happened – maybe aliens caused it or it was by magic. One day, you were an obscure but diligent Post Office clerk or something, and the next day you’re the brutal dictator of a medium-sized country. Would you do the job to the best of your ability, the same as you used to when you were stamping TV licences? Leave aside the moral qualms, scruples and other side-issues, and just take it as given that you’re in the job and there’s no getting out of it.

I often wondered about myself doing that kind of work, especially when I saw other brutal dictators and how they ran their businesses. Ceaucescu, for instance. A crowd of people gathered outside his palace, shouting rude things up at him, and what did he do? He ran for it, got caught, got shot and was no more. Milosevic, likewise, was toppled by a crowd of people shouting at him. So was Honecker.

I don’t get it. These guys were supposed to be brutal dictators, so why didn’t they dictate brutally? Why didn’t they just shoot half the protesters? That’s what I’d do. I’d brutally dictate. I’d gas them. Why? Because I’m a brutal dictator and it’s my job.

It’s the same with dissidents. You have all these so-called brutal dictators allowing newspapers and television to criticise them. Not on, lads. You can’t do that and expect to stay in the job as a tyrannical despot. You have to crush all opposition and all dissent. It’s part of the job description, simple as that. Look at a great medium-sized dictator: Assad of Syria. Assad was absolutely ruthless, prepared to wipe out entire cities, imprison opponents, crush political dissent. In Assad’s Syria, you just would not think of marching on the streets because he’d send in the tanks and they’d kill you. You knew he meant it. But Assad was clever enough to stay political. He didn’t bother oppressing religious minorities and as long as you kept your mouth shut, he’d probably let you alone. He even passed the final test for membership of the Institute of Great Brutal Dictators by dying of natural causes.

If you want to see truly great brutal dictators, you really have to look at Stalin and Mao, who completely terrorised friend and foe alike for decades, wiped out millions of people and controlled every tiny detail of their vast empires, while at the same time persuading the majority that they personally knew nothing about the mass murders, torture, disappearances and general terror all around them. They died of natural causes, unopposed to the last, and still convinced they were right. Now that’s world-class brutal dictation for you.

Saddam seemed to have all the qualities necessary to be a great brutal dictator. He killed everyone, and even murdered some of his own supporters to keep the rest of them scared. He eradicated criticism in the press. He tolerated no resistance. He crushed all opposition without mercy and he stole billions from the public purse. But what Saddam didn’t realise was that, unlike Stalin and Mao, he was really a puppet brutal dictator, and could be removed as easily as he had been installed. He failed the test by breaking the First Law of Brutal Dictation: choose your enemies. Pol Pot did the same thing by pissing off Vietnam, and the Vietnamese tank divisions promptly rolled over the Khmer Rouge, squashing them, but Saddam’s mistake was even worse.

Saddam made an enemy of his puppeteer, not realising they only needed to cut the strings and in the end that’s what happened. The puppeteers cut Saddam’s strings.

All except one.

Crime gardai

Anti-social behaviour orders

I see the new Anti-social Behaviour Orders are ready to roll. According to today’s papers, the adult version will be available for the new year, with children’s asbos following in a couple of months. I see also, however, that the Guards won’t be ready to implement it because their Fancy-Dan computer system isn’t up to the job.

I refer, of course, to the PULSE system, introduced about ten years ago to a great fanfare. The PULSE acronym, you might already know, is one of those tortured plays on words beloved of geeky tekkie people: Police Using Leading Systems Effectively. I didn’t like it when it came out, and I still don’t like it. When they introduced it, I called up the Commissioner and explained my concerns.

Why don’t you use my one instead? I demanded. Cops Using New Technology Successfully.

He wouldn’t listen to me, the ignorant git, and that’s why they’re stuck now with PULSE.

So anyway, they can’t enforce the asbos because they have no skobe database, though this doesn’t seem such a problem to me. After all, how much organisation does it take to round up scumbags and shoot them? You don’t need their names, just a three-item checklist.

Haircut? Check!
Ear-stud? Check!
Tracksuit? Check!

Good work lads. Just line them fuckers up there and stand back. Good man.

To my way of thinking, we wouldn’t need asbos if the Yanks would only think again about whacking Saddam. Don’t misunderstand me now. I’m not against his hanging because I think the death penalty is repellent. In fact, there’s plenty of fuckers out there who should swing. No, I just think hanging him is a terrible waste. After all, even though he is a monster and a mass-murderer and a tyrant and a despot, he’s also very experienced. He’s a tyrannical, monstrous, despotic mass-murderer with years of experience at suppressing opposition. I think Saddam is the very man we need to sort out scumbags. Never mind these fuckin asbos. Just give Saddam a pardon and send him over here. We’ll look after him and make him Minister for Skobes.

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The war on terror

Just for the record, let me tell you that the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence today released a report about Iraq. If you want to read the full text, you can find it here.

What does the report say? In summary, it says that Saddam Hussein had fuck-all to do with al-Qaeda, that in fact he distrusted the fuckers deeply because they were mad Islamic fundamentalist crazy bastards and he was afraid they wanted to overthrow him, and furthermore that he refused all their requests of help. He also had no weapons of mass destruction.

So there you have it. Officially, from the US Senate, confirmation that Iraq had nothing whatever to do with the 9-11 attacks. Well, we all knew this, didn’t we? Of course we did. All of us except two hundred million Americans. And still we hear W and Rumsfeld pumping out the Big Lie.

Look. This is what the Senate report says:

No nukes
No chemical weapons
No biological weapons
No Islamic extremists
No 9-11 plot
No support for al Qaeda

Right. So why the fuck did they invade him? Because he was an appalling murderous despot? No: they spent years setting up appalling murderous despots all over the world and Saddam was just one more in a long list. Because he was a threat to world peace? No: there was a real-life lunatic in North Korea at the time who really did have nukes, and who was threatening to fire them at Japan. Did the US invade that mad bastard? Did they fuck!

I don’t know if you heard Rummy on TV last week. Following comments about appeasing Hitler, and linking Iraq with Islamic extremism, he went on to say “once again, we face similar challenges in efforts to confront the rising threat of a new type of fascism. But some seem not to have learned history’s lessons.” It’s incredible. This guy can lie out of two sides of his mouth at the same time, which is an amazing trick, you’d have to admit.

And incidentally, while we’re talking about the appeasement of tyrants, think back to Saddam’s gassing of the Kurds in 1983. Who was the first senior American emissary into Baghdad after those attacks? That’s right. It was Rummy, with a hearty handshake and a big fat weapons brochure for Saddam to flip through. “Have a look through that, Saddam, me old stock, see if there’s any bangers in there you’d like to fire at them fekkin Kurds.”