Public Apology

Another correspondent has pointed out to me that the religious orders actually agreed to pay 128 million euros towards the cost of the residential institutions redress board, and not 127 […]

The Feast of the Blessed Condescension

This article was first published in November 2006 _____________________________________   Isn’t there some big Catholic thing coming up soon, in early December? The Immaculate Assumption, or the Holy Dispersal. Something […]

Limerick builder hits the big time

Isn’t it great to see a Limerick contractor do well? Roadbridge, owned by Pat Mulcair, is the main contractor in the Corrib gas pipeline. This project, you might remember, involves […]

The Ship From Hell

Kevin McHugh died yesterday, in the Mater private hospital. Kevin McHugh owned and built the Atlantic Dawn , a 14,000-tonne super-trawler and factory ship which is capable of sucking every […]

Criminal responsibility

They changed the system for kids committing crime. It used to be that kids of seven years could be held responsible for crimes, which was plainly nonsense. That law was […]

e-voting machines

Dick Roche came out a few days ago and stated that he was going to start a campaign to promote public confidence in the electronic voting machines that Cullen bought […]

Mother Teresa, the crook

Charles Keating was sentenced to ten years in prison for perpetrating one of the greatest frauds in American history. The Savings and Loans scandal has gone down in history as […]

Ryanair / Aer Lingus

It makes no sense to mention Michael O’Leary and morality in the same breath. It’s insane. It’s a non-sequitur. Michael O’Leary is what he is, and it makes no more […]

Freddy’s back: the Morris Tribunal

You’ll remember Mr Justice Frederick Morris, chairman of the Morris Tribunal, investigating the Donegal guards. Well, he hasn’t gone away, you know. Yesterday, his reports on three modules of his […]