Brother Kent

I’ve been approached by some former Christian Brothers pupils who would like to renew their acquaintance with a certain Brother Kent.

This Christian Brother, it seems, made a deep impression on them as children, and now that they’re grown men, they’d like to meet up with him and re-establish a relationship  as equals.

It seems Brother Kent has returned to Limerick after a long absence, so if you happen to know of his location, or anything about him, please leave a comment.  Who knows — maybe you too have abiding memories of your time with him.

If you’re shy about commenting, for whatever reason, you can always send an email to this special address:

It’s not completely beyond the bounds of possibility that Brother Kent himself is reading this in which case, of course, he can make contact directly.

I’m sure he’d love to meet these former pupils now that they’re not children anymore, and I know that they would dearly love to meet him and talk over old times.