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Bruce Springsteen in Limerick’s Thomond Park

It’s true, my friends.  I went there as an unbeliever and I came away converted.

There is only One True Boss and last night, all of Limerick worshipped at his altar, for truly, this man is the Son of Rock.

Praise the Boss and pass the microphone!  Bruce, playeth for three hours and one half without pausing or seeking sustenance.  He drinketh the offered pint from the multitude.  Nay, he chuggeth it right back for he is the uber-working-stiff.

Some knew Bruce was cool, but my friends, I’ll testify to you right here and now that I was an agnostic.  Worse, my friends, let me tell you of the great Sin I committed many years ago at the altar of the demi- god, Joseph Ely.  Yea, verily do I tell you this: when Ely called forth The Boss at half time, saying unto us, Behold, for this is mine friend Bruce and he will play for Ye, in great wrath I did leap onto the seat and make great commotion even unto Bouncers falling upon me and smiting me.

Take him away, I besought the demi-god Ely, for I did not pay mine hard-earned shekels to hear this man.  I have come to hear you speak of the Road that Goeth on Forever and the Party That Never Endeth.  I wish to know of thy falling out with Billy the Kid and the manner in which he weareth his gun.

‘Twas with great weeping and gnashing of teeth that I bore my burden as my friends prevailed on me to descend from my seat and hold my peace henceforth.

No more.  I am born again.  Last night I saw the Light.  I saw many lights.  I saw speakers and bass-bins.  I saw saxophones, trumpets, tubas, pianos, violins, and that Thing known as Fender that speaketh unto the Soul of Man.

I saw him that calleth himself by the name from the Book of Neil: the Prisoner of Rock ‘n’ Roll and he did reach out unto us and gather us to him.  Yea!  he did say.  Yea, yea, yea.

And we called back unto him with great pointing of fingers.  Yea!

And the multitudes did clap and the multitudes did dance.  They did hand up their first-born children to sing for him the chorus of Waitin’ on a Sunny Day and truly did all rejoice.

Friends, I have seen the light.  I once was a sinner but now I have come among ye to spread the word.

There is only one Boss and his name is Bruce.

Bruce Springsteen Wrecking Ball Tour Limerick Ireland 2013




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