Limehouse Dick comes good again

The ivy on the wall outside my study window is ancient and gnarled. It offers excellent hand- and footholds and has seen the clandestine arrival and departure of Ambassadors, Heads […]

Training a dog

Training a dog

That’s a remarkably well-trained hound you have there, Bock. It was Jim, my neighbour. Bock, if you don’t mind my asking, what training method did you use? I’ve never seen […]

The Translator

A few years ago – a good few years, now that I think of it – Wrinkly Paddy and myself wrote a heap of children’s stories. Fairy tales, so to […]

Same as it ever was . . .

You know that thing that happens in science-fiction, where somebody goes through a portal and ends up in a parallel universe? It happens in Stargate all the time. You walk […]

Munster vs Leicester (2)

Munster vs Leicester (2)

Me: Well, I suppose you have to hand it to them. Him: Yeah, they beat us all right. Me: Yeah, they did. Him: They killed us in the scrum. Me: […]

Terrible news

It seems I did not win the Dutch lottery after all and even worse, it seems that Mr Jeffery Buuren (Advocaten) is a chimera, a mere bagatelle, an ephemeral conceit. […]

The Christmas Crib

I bumped into my lawyer, Gonad the Ballbearian recently on the street. He was talking earnestly to a small plaster effigy of General Franco and sweating like a criminal. Aha! […]