Isn’t it good to see that the newspapers are still reporting the rape of Ireland’s natural resources?

Who knew that anyone remembered how we gave away our fisheries?  Even more surprisingly, in the face of massive governmental pressure, what brave journalists are still willing to speak out about the blatant theft of our energy resources?

It’s not often these days that you pick up a newspaper to be reminded of how Ray Burke gave oil companies liberty to remove 100% of Ireland’s energy resources without paying us anything in return.  It isn’t common to see reports of how Bertie Ahern reduced the taxation on foreign energy companies.  You’ll search far and wide to read about how Ireland has the most favourable terms in the whole world for energy companies.

Well done, that fearless journalist in, eh, Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Under the simple headline, Conned!, referring to the now-notorious Anglo tapes, one of Germany’s leading quality papers remarks that they are just one part of an elite that shamelessly exploits the island.

German outrage at the theft of Ireland’s resources is in severe contrast to the craven defence of this asset stripping offered by a Labour (!) deputy prime minister, Pat Rabbitte, who huffed and puffed as only he can, as if he understood the first thing about energy.

mayo gas robbery

Paradoxically, it seems that exposure of the banking chicanery might finally throw light on a far bigger scandal: the gift of our natural resources to foreign interests by two thoroughly discredited politicians, for reasons best known to themselves.  Let’s not be embarrassed by the crass singing of a Nazi song on one of the tapes.  Instead, let’s push this story far and wide.  It might finally blast open the disgraceful appropriation of our children’s future for small-minded personal advantage.

And since we’re on the subject of inquiries, let’s look into this scandal, which dwarfs anything that happened in Anglo.


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