Three tragic deaths

The media behaved disgracefully towards poor Tania Corcoran, who died giving birth to twins as did one of the babies. There was absolutely no reason to report that Tania was a member of the Gardai. It was irrelevant. There was no justification for printing headlines like Cop dies giving birth. Jesus, have we lost all sense of decency?

Today, the Garda Commissioner, Noel Conroy, spoke out, condemning the way the press treated the story, and he was right to do so. Nothing was achieved by publishing this information except to increase and compound the family’s grief.

Last week, you might remember, Derek O’Toole was killed when struck by a car containing four off-duty Gardai. Somebody within the police immediately leaked to the papers that the young man was “known to the Gardai” and had a number of previous convictions. These allegations were entirely untrue, and their publication caused immense suffering to Derek’s family.

I didn’t notice Noel Conroy condemning the Gardai who leaked these lies to the papers.

Did you?
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