Thai Chicken Curry

This is a recipe I got from a buddy of mine.  He got it from Jamie Oliver but I don’t know how.  It might have been in a bar-room brawl.  It might have been over a game of cards.  For all I know, he sent agents into Jamie’s house and had them steal the recipe using microfilm and spy-type torches held between their teeth as they looked over their shoulders.

One way or another, the secret is broken.

I didn’t have all the ingredients  so I made it up as I went along and it was still delicious.  Try it.  I think you’ll like it.  As usual, I’m not giving quantities.  Just play around with the proportions and find the mix you like.   It’s not rocket surgery.


Here’s your ingredients:

A bunch of fresh coriander.




Chillis, preferably red, but I only had green.

A lime.

Red peppers

Fish sauce

Coconut milk

Sesame oil

Soy sauce

Tomato purée



How to:

Strip the outer skin off the lemongrass, and remove the ends.  Bash it with a heavy cleaver or a rock, or a piece of an engine you happen to have lying around the kitchen.  Chop it up.

Chop up the red pepper.

Take the seeds out of the chilli.  Chop it up.  Don’t touch your eyes or any other sensitive parts with those fingers.

[Hint: what dissolves burning-hot chilli-juice on your fingers?  Not water.  Use butter.]

Peel the ginger and chop it up.  Crush two cloves of garlic.

Throw the whole lot, along with the coriander,  into a container deep enough to use a stick blender.

Add the tomato purée, sesame oil, fish oil and soy sauce.  A good dollop of each.  Squeeze the lime juice into it.



Whizz the shit out of the whole lot and eventually you’ll end up with a nice sauce.  If you had more red peppers and red chillis, it would be redder than this but it’s still nice.



Now.  That’s the sauce made and you can put it away until you need it or you can get cooking straight away.

I happened to use chicken but this would work equally well with unsmoked fish, prawns or anything else you have handy.  Not beef or lamb, though.  I don’t think it would taste good.

Chop up your chicken and fry it  for a few minutes before tossing in some of your sauce.


Add the rest of the sauce.  Throw in the coconut milk and cook it away for a while until the chicken is done.  You know yourself how long that will take.

This is really tasty.  It’s a low-key sort of curry with very little chilli bite, but it has all sorts of flavours playing against each other.  You could serve it with a salad, some fruit and maybe a lightly-scented rice.  That’s your own decision.  I wouldn’t dream of telling you how to present food to your guests.



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