Munster vs Leicester

Here’s the big day. It’s damp and grey. All over town, people are kitting up for a trudge to Thomond Park or a skip to the pub to watch it in comfort.

I’m going to [tag]Thomond[/tag] Park. With any luck we’ll be ok, but as usual I’m presuming nothing right now.

It’s bad luck.

Rugby Sport

Munster 25 – Leinster 11

Well, there you go.

About 500 of their supporters made the arduous two-hour journey from Mount Merrion to Limerick, where they were promptly stuffed 25 – 11. What do you think was the best chant these intrepid supporters could could come up with? Would you believe Boring Boring Munster!

In reply, you had about 12,000 Munster people chanting Eh, like, hello? Who’s fuckin winning here?

They’re incredible really. A few of them found their way into our pub later, and one guy remarked to me that we were like Millwall supporters.

Really? I said. In what sense?

You’re so aggressive, he said.

Really?? I said again. The only gurriers I saw were your supporters who couldn’t stay quiet during a penalty. Do they not know about good manners above there in Dublin?

God, it’s always sweet when we beat those fuckers.