Trump wall in Clare holds back Mexican Muslim Wave

Donald Trump might be many things, but he isn’t afraid to build walls. As we know, he’s going to build a wall from Cameron County, Texas, all the way to Tijuana to keep out those pesky Mexicans because, as he pointed out, They’re killin’ us.

The Mexicans, apparently, are killing the most heavily armed country in the world. The Mexicans are killing a country so militarised that it can’t spare any money to provide healthcare for its citizens. The Mexicans are killing the world’s most powerful country.

Imagine what those Mexicans would do to us here in Ireland. Imagine what they’d do to our little state with our tiny army and our public health system, already struggling under the demands of our own citizens.

Waves of Mexicans all trying to kill us, just like they’re killing Trump’s Americans.

A Mexican wave, probably composed of Muslims. Muslim Mexihadists determined to impose their values on our Western way of living.

Thank God we can look forward to to President Trump whose own great-grandfather, Adolf Drumpf, died in the German-Mexican war of 1839, fighting to save Europe from Mexican Muslim slavery.

Imagine what those Mexican Muslim killers would do to our country if they came here with their Islamic tendencies and their newly-found four wives. Before you know it, they’d have all of us chanting Dios es Grande! Far be it from Irish people (or Americans)  to be shouting God is Great. It’s not how our people were brought up.

We leave that sort of thing to the Muslims.

But thankfully, future-President Trump hasn’t forgotten us Irish. He remembers how our finance minister lined up to greet him at the end of the red carpet when he arrived at Shannon in his private plane. He recalls how this has happened to him nowhere else in the entire world. He can hardly believe that a senior member of the government in a European Union member would pose with a harpist to greet a golf-club owner.

And Donald is grateful.

This is why future President Trump has announced that he will not only build a wall across the entire southern border of the United States to keep out the Mexihadists, but also on the West coast of Clare, or Doonbeg to be more precise. The place where he keeps his golf club and where the locals think he’s simply wonderful.

Future President Trump has submitted a planning application to build a sea wall in order to protect his golf club from the Atlantic waves and it’s hard to blame him. If those Mexican Muslims are prepared to invade America, why wouldn’t they invade Ireland too?

In many ways, future President Trump is a true Irish patriot for keeping out the Mexican Wave.