Your money

And you thought nuns never caught anyone by the bollocks? Don’t forget, it’s your money. Locating a children’s hospital

Post-Blogbash Trauma

It isn’t. No human could. Home safe, but. Last night was. We all. Party-time. Knackered Bath. Bed. Tomorrow. OK?

The Big Match

Right. I don’t want to be too specific about this so I’ll only give you a hint. Did I get a ticket for the first ever [tag]rugby[/tag] match between Ireland […]

Search Engine Optimisation

You can ignore this post. This post is connected to Red Cardinal‘s optimisation offer to all nominees. It contains the few bits and pieces of information he asked for and […]

Policy statement

I’ve been thinking about these anonymous posts. Some have been reasonably intelligent and some have been completely brainless. I don’t want to switch off anonymous posting if I can help […]


Big weekend coming up now for the Scunts. Here’s the table: Last game played on Tuesday 26th December 2006 Pld   Home   Away   Overall   Pts GD   […]

Scunthorpe United

Fucking Scunthorpe are really pissing me off now, the cunts. They lost 3-1 to fucking Blackpool last week when they had a chance to gain a further three points on […]


What do you make of that guy who’s been arrested? Is he a fantasist or the real thing? Personally, I tend to lean towards the fantasist theory, but I could […]

Health and Safety

Health and Safety

I was driving past a building site the other day with the Bullet, and I had a Father Moment. Look there, Bullet, I said. You see those huge bags all […]