Waistcoat? What??

“I heard you saying A Fistful of Dollars” That’s right, I say. A Fistful of Dollars. We were thinking of having it as one of our movie nights in my […]

Death Metal Teenagers

Did I mention that the Bullet got an electric guitar? And that his cousin, Blackbeard, got another? Yeah. I thought it was a great idea. I cleared out a big […]


With all the euphoria about the Leicester match, I forgot to bring you up to date on Scunthorpe United. The Scunts defeated Bradford 1-0 with a 79th-minute goal from the […]

The Opera Centre

A truly stupid name. It isn’t an opera centre – it’s a shopping centre. What a crowd of gobshites!

Pat Kenny Shot

And to other news. In a surprise development , the well-known radio presenter Pat Kenny was last night shot in Limerick’s notorious Moyross estate. In town to patronise the locals […]

How to Stop Smoking

Allen Carr has made a fortune writing books and running seminars for people who want to stop smoking. I bet everyone who smokes has at least one copy of his […]

Young people at risk

Quoted from the Newswire: The House of Sheila Murray, mother of the two Limerick children burned in an arson attack last month has come under attack overnight. The mother along […]

Smuggler’s Blues

RTE news had a report tonight about that guy who was charged with smuggling heroin in a private jet. Opposing bail, police told the court that, as the man had […]


I find this very strange. I find it strange to be all the time reporting good news about Scunthorpe United, but that’s how it seems to be at the moment. […]


The bums are on the tv on Wednesday evening. They’re playing Aston Villa in the Silly Cup. Tune in if you’re doing nothing else. They’ll get hammered of course, but […]