The savage-stupid gene

I don’t watch the Big Brother show, but it would be impossible to miss the controversy that’s going on at the moment over the behaviour of some participants. India is […]

Did America invade Iran?

Did America invade Iran?

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong about this, but under international law, isn’t an embassy considered to be the soil of the state it represents? I think it […]

Saddam’s Hanging

Saddam’s Hanging

The Americans are very annoyed at the way Saddam was executed. Most of all, they seem to be upset that some of his guards shouted abuse and threats at him […]

Great Brutal Dictators

Suppose you woke up one morning and discovered you were a brutal dictator. Never mind how it happened – maybe aliens caused it or it was by magic. One day, […]

A disgraceful waste of money

The other most bizarre thing ever has to be the Litvinenko poisoning. Nyet? I thought Bock’s people were entitled to the truth and so I did a little bit of […]

Save the Planet:. Spread AIDS

Why are people trying to stamp out disease and famine? The world is full of people who have more children than they can look after, who won’t use contraception and […]