Was Jimmy Savile The Other Yorkshire Ripper?

In a previous post, I pointed out that Jimmy Savile and Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper, were close friends, but how close has yet to be established.

Certainly, they had much in common: both were psychopaths with a tendency to violence and a hatred of women.  Not only that, but both of them were questioned by the police during the Ripper investigation and indeed, one of the murder victims was found very close to Savile’s flat.

Here’s what Sutcliffe said in his defence.

Oh that’s a load of rubbish.  It’s a load of crap.  People were always there.  He was never alone with anybody.  He never did anything at Broadmoor.  They’re just getting carried away. They’re going right over the top with it.  They’re all jumping on the bandwagon.  He’d always come and chat and I’d introduce him to my visitors.  Several times he left £500 for charities I was supporting.  He wrote cheques out on the spot.  A very generous man he was.  I can’t fault him for what he was like from my experiences anyway.  I don’t care what these people who who are coming out of the woodwork are saying, you know? It takes a couples of rumours then it goes like wildfire, don’t it?  I don’t believe he raped anybody.  I think he’s kissed quite a few young women, but that’s as far as he’s gone.  No, it’s just kind of crazy, you know?  They’re just [interested in] savaging people who are dead, you know?  People who can’t hit back or prisoners who can’t reply, you know?

Savile had living quarters in Broadmoor psychiatric hospital, and also at Stoke Mandeville.  He had the run of these institutions, with unlimited access to every part of them, including the morgues, where, among other things, he took indecent photos of dead people.

Besides that, he was able to abuse nurses with impunity, in the certain knowledge that senior doctors would dismiss their complaints, which is what happened.  His victims, we now know, ranged in age from 5 to 75, with his last crimes committed at the age of 82.

Not only was a Jimmy Savile an abuser, but a necrophiliac as well.  He was a close friend of Peter Sutcliffe, and we know that the police regarded him as sufficiently important to interview about the Ripper murders.

Given that Savile was an utterly merciless abuser with no sense of right and wrong, no remorse, no empathy for other people,  a tendency to violence, an extremely manipulative instinct and a morbid interest in sexual acts with corpses, is it such a big leap to think that he might also have been a murderer?

Would a man like this, a man with plenty of money, who correctly calculated that he was above suspicion, not have abducted and killed vulnerable people for his own gratification?

I find it hard to imagine he would not have done that.  Will the police be reopening investigations to establish if he had any involvement in the Ripper killings or any other unsolved murders?



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