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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water . . .

The Civil and Public Services Union is not a thing that occupies much of my waking day, I have to admit. And yet. These people won an equality case today that resonates with things I’ve been ranting about in recent times, which I must share with you. Now, I don’t have the precise figures, so please be patient with me. I took this from the broadcast media, or as we mortals more prosaically put it, TV and radio. If you want the numbers, buy a paper.

The nub of the issue is that these junior civil servants have a complaint because they do certain clerical work, inter alia for the guards, and they feel they’re not paid enough. As indeed we all do. Their point is that, when working for the guards, they’re paid a lot less money for doing this work than the guards are for doing exactly the same thing. Fair enough. That makes sense. But this is where I’m losing touch with the wagon train. The court said they should be paid the same as the guards. Why? Low level clerical work deserves low wage, so why not give that kind of work to low-level clerks? Why have trained guards doing it? Make them earn their salary!

Among other things, it seems that police doing clerical work are entitled to a special allowance of 650 euros. For what? No, seriously now. I’m not joking about this. They’re being paid this money for not coming to work in their uniforms.


Oh, goodnight.

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