Free Legal Aid

Free legal aid guarantees our freedoms in a democracy. It means that a poor person can’t be oppressed by a corrupt police force. It gives a voice to the weak and defenceless. It’s an admirable concept in a society of equals, such as they have in Scandinavia.

It was never meant for skobes.

We should modify it slightly. We should give everybody free legal aid, regardless of their means, because if you’re innocent, you shouldn’t be penalised. You shouldn’t go broke defending a baseless accusation.

Contrariwise, if you’re found guilty, you should have to pay back every penny the State handed out to your legal team, and the prosecution team, and the judge, and the Guards’ wages, and the people you hurt. And all the forensic investigations, and the pathologist, and the petrol for the cars, and the heating and lighting of your cell, and your food. Every last cent, you murdering, thieving, child-burning rapist fucker.

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  1. Dead right. Wy should the rest of us hard working fools pay for the likes of the caseys etc to be housed in a call. I would rather pay for a bullet and have them shot in the head. Fact.

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