Who killed Richie Barron?

Three questions.

Who was drunk-driving in Raphoe on the night of the 13th October 1996 ?

Who knocked Richie Barron down, and drove away?

Why did the guards try so hard to frame the wrong people for Richie Barron’s death?

Answer these questions and you’ve solved the whole Morris Tribunal riddle. The answer seems obvious to me.


Gardai Deny Farting at Suspect

Gardai Deny Everything

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Worst Police Force in Europe

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4 thoughts on “Who killed Richie Barron?

  1. I was arrested years ago on a public order offence, i had a noble reason for causing that offence but accepted i was out of order. had never been in trouble before or since, 3 of the 4 gaurds on duty that night lied in court to the judge about what i had done! accusing me of punching one of their colleagues although cctv footage vindicates me it was never taken in to consideration. Irish Gardai are liars, liars, liars.

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