I’ve been a bit remiss with the reports on Scunthorpe United lately. With all the rugby and the drunkenness and everything else, sometimes it gets hard to maintain the regular level of service that my readers are entitled to. (The ones who aren’t anonymous, that is).

Times have been turbulent at Scunthorpe United in recent weeks. Andy Keogh joined Wolves for an initial fee of £600,000 plus another £250,000 if they’re promoted. In doing so, Andy deprived Scunthorpe of a fine striker, and he also deprived me of yet another illusion: the illusion that Andy has a brain between his ears. Here’s what he said about the move:

“I’m delighted to be here – I’m absolutely buzzing and cannot wait to get stuck into training. The manager (Mick McCarthy) really did not need to sell the club to me at all, his presence meant a lot because he is a great man.”

Eh, hello? Mick McCarthy is a great man? Oh Andy. Andy, Andy, Andy. What are we going to do with you at all? Mick McCarthy is a great man? Oh dear God.

Apart from that, they threw away two great chances to storm ahead at the top of the table in the past couple of weeks. They could only manage a one-all draw against Cheltenham who sit at the bottom of the table, and then they threw away a two-nil lead against Doncaster for another single point. Even though they lead the field now, following a comprehensive destruction of Millwall today, they’re vulnerable. Both Bristol City and Nottingham Forest have two games in hand and could overtake them. However, on the positive side, Bristol’s next game is against the Scuns, so all is not lost.

The three of us are heading over there shortly for the Rotherham game. Rotherham are second from the bottom, but that means nothing. Our beloved Scuns are well capable of losing to them.

3 thoughts on “Scunts

  1. Forest are playing on Wednesday night (Carlisle) and Saturday (Bradford). Scuns aren’t playing Bristol City until Monday night, which is very good for us ‘cos there’s a number of injuries that will need at least a week to clear up. So we should get a clearer picture of our promotional chances after the Monday game. Don’t leave Oldham out the equation either. BTW. The Monday game will be broadcast live on Sky. Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to find a pub in Limerick that’ll show it , and to wear your supporter’s scarf on the occasion!

  2. Well, Carlisle could beat Forest and so could Bradford. Both away games for Forest so we’ll hope for one out of two anyway.

    Tranmere are also well capable of beating Oldham. I think a lot depends on the Bristol game, with Scunthorpe at home.

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