Munster vs Llanelli

Munster play Llanelli tomorrow evening in the quarter final of the European Rugby Cup.

We’re going by road, which means that Bullet and myself have to get up at four in the morning to catch the Rosslare ferry. Christ Almighty.

The game is at 7.30 tomorrow evening and on Saturday we’re going to watch Sunderland playing Cardiff.

Don’t expect too many posts here for the next day or two.

9 thoughts on “Munster vs Llanelli

  1. Go aysey on the flat Guinness while you’re there now, Bockety.

    Have a great ould time, though!

  2. I wonder how many people I can spew my bigoted poison about with you not here to call me a cunt? those Eskimos have slitty eyes right? why is there no posts about them?

  3. Do ya have a preference in the Cardiff Sunderland game?

    For who you’d like to see win it that is, not a preference for some personal peculiar taste you might have.

  4. That sounds like a great weekend, Bock. Can’t wait to hear all about it (i.e. Roy!!).

  5. Sweary: I stuck to the foul British beer. It was great.

    Knudsen: Esquimaux? All drunks. Every man jack of ’em.

    Eolaí: Yes. I was on the Roy side in the Second Civil War. How about yerself?

    Mairéad: More of Roy anon

    Mr Warmington

    Knitter: More of photos anon too

    MJ: Back soon. Sorry.

  6. That’s a terrible question to ask somebody Bock.

    Em, well, I eh, ya know, in the interests of transparency and all that stuff, should admit that I was a Mick man in said civil war, but I didn’t hate all the Roy side – only the ignorant ones who preferred excuses for parties to actually watching games.

    I first went to an Ireland game in 1974, and didn’t miss a game from ’79 until the 1990’s when Charlton finally ground me down with that godawful albeit mostly effective stuff. Which means I always knew how bad the FAI were, so I didn’t need and wasn’t a fan of Roy’s martyr route. Not trying to re-fight the war, just illustrating that I did have some sympathy with the other side.

    Either way Sunderland would have been the choice for the day’s fun. If you had’ve had fun, that is. But since when is watching football fun?

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