Zelig United

Today is a big one for the Iron. If they beat Huddersfield this afternoon, Scunthorpe United are guaranteed promotion to the Championship. Next season, if all goes well, they’ll be up against the likes of Sheffield Wednesday, Ipswich, QPR and Crystal Palace.



It’s fifteen minutes to kick-off, so I’m just going away now to hide under a table for a while. I’ll come back around five o’clock with news.



Scunthorpe won 2-0. They’re promoted. Wooo hoooo!!

2 thoughts on “Zelig United

  1. Just listening to the Five Live report of the celebrations!

    Congratulations are in order. I’ll raise a pint to yourself and the Scunts tonight.

  2. I saw that result and thought of you, Bock! Great stuff!
    Meanwhile, Roy is amazing the world again!

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