Irish Soccer and Rugby

Did anyone watch that tonight? 


Did you see it?  Did you see that?  Did you watch that piece of shit?

Well, punk?  Did ya?

Was that, or was it not, the final proof that we should give up following a ridiculous game we’re no good at?

Oh wait.  Shit.  I forgot we’re no good at rugby either.  I forgot we lined out against the absolutely WORST fucking team in the entire World Cup and they nearly fucking beat us!! I forgot that this is the best-prepared Irish rugby squad ever, packed full of goddam winners.  Packed full of absolute cast-iron heroes, including a good pile of Munster gods, like the great Paul O Connell, Denis Leamy, David Wallace, Peter Stringer, Ronan O Gara and John Hayes.  People who brought us Limerick people to one of the greatest ever moments in our sporting history when we trudged and swam and sailed and flew and worm-holed our way to the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff (as I did myself, along with my beloved young Bullet) and brought home the Heineken Cup after a gigantic and wonderful odyssey. 

As if that wasn’t enough, they’re captained by a man with the most talent and best hair any rugby player has ever possessed. 

That’s true.  All true.

What a wonderful bunch of guys, and I have not the slightest intention of bad-mouthing even one of them.  They’re our own, and we might meet them any day walking down the street.  Honest as the day is long, and dead straight.

But still, what the fuck?

What the fuck happened against Namibia, the worst team in the whole competition?  The team you expect to bang in a routine hundred points against?  I was talking to a respected former Munster player tonight and I think what he said was right.  He said that we didn’t show them respect.  He said rugby is a game of the heart and if you feel good, you’ll do good.  He said we allowed Namibia to gain heart instead of crushing their spirit and then they punished us.

He was right.  The All Blacks wouldn’t make that mistake and neither would the Australians or the South Africans.   If we’re going to make an impact on this thing, we need to start showing a bit of respect to the opposition, and Eddie O Sullivan needs to start using that bench a whole lot more than he has done.


I seem to have drifted away from soccer, but that’s hardly surprising.  We were shit. We had an open goal and the best we could do was bang it against the upright.  We had a winnable game against Slovakia the other day and we threw it down the toilet.

Why blame the manager?  Staunton was never up to the job.  Let’s blame the FAI fools, including Delaney the cynical dimwit, who appointed him so they could secure their personal positions and make as much personal money for themselves as they could.  Let’s blame the arseholes who decided to suck as much cash as they could out of Irish soccer and never mind if we succeeded in winning anything.

The same fools who sent a team to Saipan with no footballs.

These fuckers don’t care about sport.  All they care about is siphoning enough money out of sport to pay for their houses as fast as possible.

Staunton?  He doesn’t matter.  Any fool will do.  Winning isn’t the point, and if you thought it was, you’re as big a fool as Roy Keane.

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15 thoughts on “Irish Soccer and Rugby

  1. I’m starting a campaign to have the FAI chief’s name changed to John “Feckin” Delaney. I’d make it stronger only I’d want to it to be used everywhere possible. He needs to know how much the Irish fans actually blame him and not the incomeptent muppet he named as manager last year.

  2. Bock, I need a safe house, my cover has been blown! I tried to vote for you twice on the Irish Blogs link on your page and guess what, the infernal computer said “hah, you have voted before you idiot”. Will they send the blogger SS to track me down to exterminate me with extreme prejudice? Call Limehouse Dick, I will need cover on the way in.

  3. They only started playing when they were down to 10 men. They should reduce the team to 9 or 8 and they probably won’t do any worse.

    As for the rugby, it looks like Argentina and France will make a snack of us… at least that’s the belief we’ve given them after the mess with the Namibian part-timer team.

  4. Do you really think it fair to give Staunton the boot now? He talks about how he is building a team and by the time the world cup comes around he’ll have a settled team. Roy Keane took over Sunderland a little after Stan taking the Irish team didn’t he (???) Look at the turnaround Keane created, Stan has no charisma, who would be inspired by him? He sounds like a confused cast member from Children’s BBC’s Byker Grove. The only thing Stan is building is a stairway to heaven and he is single handedly murdering his career, his first and he makes an absolute mockery of it, nobody in their right mind would assign him another managers job.

  5. Ebb and flow of spiritual momentum, some mad all black described it, Bock. The Namibians haven’t cooperated with the 1st weeks shooting fish in a barrel, and the large Georgians won’t either. The key is their big fat arses. Paulie and the lads are mostly long fella athletic types, which is great playing against similar long fella athletes, but these huge fat fuckers present a different challenge. Drico and the lads have to run like mad so that the fat fuckers don’t catch up and eat them. Move it wide lively. BTW, who’s more interesting, Jeremy Staunton’s commentary on Setanta or Trevor Brennan musings on TV3? And oh yeah, you can’t really have a world cup if Brazil aren’t playing.

  6. Sure wasn’t O’Gara nearly in tears after the match – he just didn’t understand why we were so shite.

    We have the talent to beat any Northern Hemisphere side, but as Sniffle says, the likes of the aussies, spring boks and all blacks are a completely different bag of badgers altogether…

  7. Angry Man: I. Feel. Your. Pain.

    Mr Pagano: All right. That’s what we’ll call the fecker from now on.

    Galwaywegian: They done good.

    Gimmeaminute: That’s it. We’ll enter the International Stick-Inbred-Walking Cup.

    QJS: Early and often, that’s the trick.

    Conan: They could reduce it to none at all and we’d be as well off as we are now.

    I don’t think we’ll be caught out again by Georgia.

    Nonny: Did two people write that comment? You started by saying one thing and ended by saying the opposite.

    S&C: The Georgia game will be a different matter.
    Personally, I watch it on Setanta but TV3 would probably be better. Trev might belt someone.

    As for Brazil, well we have Argentina, haven’t we?

    Sheepworrier: Let’s see what happens. I won’t write them off yet.

  8. Two things about last nights game

    1. When we were down to ten men we were much better than we were in the first thirty minutes. This proves that if you take off John O’Shea and replace him with no one we’ll be a better team !

    2. The best moment of the post match analysis was when Dunphy said that you couldn’t take a good player and appoint him as a national manager, without any managerial experience, it just wouldn’t work. There was silence for about 5 seconds, then John Giles muttered ‘Well, they did it with me’. Once again there was a brief silence while the other panelists decided if they’d finally tell Johnny the truth about his managerial career, then , luckily, Billo changed the subject.

  9. Sorry I was just asking if you really thought he should get the boot? Narurally I think he should but i feel sorry for the chap he was set up for a great big kick in the balls?

  10. You want my personal opinion? It’s not a Republic of Ireland team: it’s an all-Ireland effort. Therefore, the tricolour is not the appropriate flag to use, and neither is Amhran na bFhiann the appropriate anthem.

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