Social Welfare for All

What? I asked myself. Did I really hear that?

I’d been listening to the excellent Paddy O Gorman on the radio. He does this thing where he talks to people waiting at welfare offices and outside prisons. People who are a bit vulnerable. A bit marginalised.

Well, this evening, he was in Dublin, at a social welfare office. People were there to collect some extra money to help with the cost of sending their kids back to school. And as usual, he got them talking.

That was fine, and I was half-listening as I drove along. One woman was complaining that you had to wait a couple of years before you could get another free washing machine.

Really? I thought. Just the same as me, then?  Just like I have to wait until I’ve saved enough to buy a new one. You have to wait? Isn’t that fucking awful for you?

Then one of the women remarked how unfair it is that children have to wait until they’re eighteen before they can collect social welfare.

What the fuck?

This person didn’t think there was anything strange about having such an ambition for her children. When they’re eighteen, they’ll be able to draw the fucking dole? Just like their fucking parents, and their parents before them.

Oh great. That says it all.


10 thoughts on “Social Welfare for All

  1. Shame to see that attitude towards social welfare.
    The red in me wants to see people looked after when they’re poor or fall on hard times, but then I hear stories like this and my right wing part rears its ugly head.

  2. there was sumthin on bbc las nite about lazy shite kids sittin on the dole for 2 years – the saddest thing was the parents/guardians did nothing to make them get a job, and were obviously just handing them money to sit an scratch themselves.

    what feckin hope has this society got when ur faced with that?

  3. Bock, you simply can’t expect people to walk into a Londis and ask for a job slicing meat. Absurd. That’s demeaning to the Real Irishman. Working for pittance alongside the Poles? Come on now, Man. This majestic Irish birthright of ours allows us the dignity of sitting on our holes watching Dr.Phil instead. Have some pride in your Nation! Stacking shelves is a job designed for Eastern Europeans, not the superior intellectual Western stock of these fair isles (we can’t compete on looks anyway). The stench filthy lucre will never sully the grand aspirations of those fine young Irish stallions of whom you speak, the eighteen-year-olds of Limerick. Think of that fine day when, accompanied by a pround Bean a Tí wrapped in her best Sunday shawl, eyes brimming with tears of pride, the boy becomes a man, walks up to Hatch 14 in Dominic St. of a Wednesday morning to enlist in that great body, the largest standing army of Irish men. Don’t cheapen the sacrifices of our brave Social Security Servicemen and women. Erin Go Bráth!

  4. Ah bollix Bock. What did Tommy say ?
    Does he give a fuck about their world view ? Does this qualify as irresponsible reporting ? What’s his fucking agenda ?
    Used to be a wino hung out at the back of the old Ryan hotel, and everyday we asked him a question he answered predictably. He’s dead now, but could we send Tommy down the bank to the bush drinkers, to get an insight.

  5. Niall: The red in you should still be angry. You’ll hear people insulting the real workers by calling these people “working class”.

    Conan: And what do you do with the hordes of ignorant fuckers we have now?

    Sheepworrier: I have no answer for you that doesn’t involve beheadings.

    Mr Darwin: Actually, just on a point of order, I was talking about a crowd of fuckers in Dublin, but your argument is still a fair one.

    Sniffle & Cry: I think you have a different reporter in mind there. But anyway, what he said was exactly what any reasonable man would. No, he didn’t say fuck off you stupid cow and give me back my tax money. He said, why couldn’t they get a job? I don’t think the woman uinderstood the question.

  6. I sincerely hope you’re not insinuating that this is a situation exclusive to Dublin, Bock…

    This country is full from end to end with generations of lazy scumbags draining our tax money and expecting to have everything handed to them.

  7. Flirty: yeah. I tried it years ago but I didn’t like it. On the other hand, I wasn’t great at having babies.

    WrinklyJoeJr: What the fuck are you on about? I didn’t send Paddy O Gorman to Tallaght.

  8. Bock, instead of Tallaght, can you send Paddy O’Gorman to Baghdad this time? “Hi there. I see you’re just hiding from a sniper, do mind if I talk to you for a few minutes…aghh!!”

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