France Beat All Blacks; England Beat Australia

It’s not that I want to diminish the achievements of England or France in any way.

I don’t. It’s great that two northern hemisphere nations have gone forward to the semi-finals, and I cheered my head off for both of them. Well done England, and Allez les Bleus!

It isn’t that. It’s just that I was there in Croke Park and I saw how good Ireland were against both of these teams, even though we did lose to France, but by the smallest of margins.

It pains me that we went out so meekly before the knock-out stages, and I can’t understand why.

I just feel sad, that’s all. I’ll be fine in a while, after a little cry.



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11 thoughts on “France Beat All Blacks; England Beat Australia

  1. I have just blogged about the same thing.

    today was a leson in how to play rugby. Heart ,Passion and spirit. willing to give everything for your team your jersey and your country. Something Ireland was sadly lacking in . Like you I feel even more dissapointed with our performance after todays two games.

    But long live the hunger to do better.

  2. My god, I enjoyed yesterdays rugby!
    Arrogant Southern Hemisphere teams sent packing! Just goes to show our players are not actually as bad as they preformed. There WAS something wrong in the Irish camp, as the best was not got from the group of players we have, and O’Sullivan must take the blame for that.

    A friend of mine made a great point after the game in Paris last weekend: Limerick hurlers lost to Clare last summer by 17 points. This summer they beat Clare by 7 points. That’s a 25 point swing. Same players for both teams. What was the difference? The management.

    Don’t tell me that our performances against Georgia and Namibia was an accurate measurement of our players ability. O’Sullivan failed badly. He must go.

  3. 2 x Irish Jerseys : 110 Euros
    2 x Aussie Jerseys : 130 Euros
    58 beers drunk during Irish and Aussie games 290 Euros
    Having to e-bay both jerseys and not getting even 99 cents for them: Priceless

    Niall (irish) and I, having lived in Australia for 10 years and being in Ireland thought it’d be great to have both jerseys… Little did we know Ireland was not to get out of the group and Australia would play with an unbelievable lack of heart and soul.
    Must admit, supported NZ last night and Fiji earlier today. “Well done” to France and England. Fiji really did play courageously and fought till the end, wish they won against RSA.
    What’s with the camera work during Haka’s, cut cut cut, never showed the whole thing from the front, sucked! The cameramen should be kicked in the a$$.

  4. Indeed. That was terrible camera work for maybe the best try of the competition. And Fiji really did deserve to win. Two tries with fourteen men? Great.

  5. Two tries with fourteen men. Absolutely right. :(
    Although Australia didn’t play well at all, I have to say (against all possible disagreeing from this on) that the referee was a prick all the way through.

  6. Bock, sorry, I wouldn’t just interrupt a conversation in a pub without saying Hello at least. Hi, I visited your site from a link at Medbh’s. I am glad I did.

    PS: Old Knudsen, what does spay and nueter mean? I am not familiar with this term in English and couldn’t find it online.

  7. Hello Gaye. Welcome.

    Knudsen’s talking about taking your pets to the vet for the snip. Don’t mind him. He’s a grumpy old fuck.

  8. Much as I wanted to see France crash and burn I have to admit if I were French I’d have been really proud on Saturday night – they gave it their all. Shame we couldn’t produce half their conviction…

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