Ireland vs Cyprus: What a Great Big Steaming Heap of Shit

Did you watch the Ireland-Cyprus soccer match tonight?

Words fail me, and that’s not something you’ll see happening very often.

Don’t get me wrong: I knew it would be bad. You’d need to have no eyes, no ears, no fingers, toes, tongue or nose to have any hope that Delaney’s Donkeys would be anything other than awful, but tonight I think they truly surpassed themselves as the worst international soccer team the world has ever produced.

And of course, let’s not forget the FAI. The most useless, self-serving, incompetent and corrupt football association that ever existed outside of (maybe) Burma. The worst, most venal, visionless collection of fat gobshites ever to fatally stretch the seams on a blazer. A crowd of soup-slurpers with no skills except a loud voice and an inability to read words of more than three letters.

I have never seen an Irish team booed off the field like that, and I have never condoned such behaviour by the spectators, until tonight. They were a disgrace. Their manager, Steve Staunton, is a disgrace and should go now.

Delaney, the gobshite, shouldn’t resign. He should impale himself on something blunt and do us all a favour.

The rest of the FAI fools should be lined up against a wall and then, the entire pile of shit that is the FAI organisation should be dismantled, turd by turd, and loaded into shotguns.

As the old people used to say: they should be shot with shit, so they’d be dead and dirty.


15 thoughts on “Ireland vs Cyprus: What a Great Big Steaming Heap of Shit

  1. Only saw some of the match, was bored rigid. Can’t belive that our best player Andy Reid continues to gain weight and throw away his talent. Spurs sold him on in August of 2006 to Charlton Athletic for 3 million sterling, where they obviously have a well stocked pie shop. Who ate all the pies, who ate all the pies?

  2. I think football (some call it soccer?) is one of the few sports that has the meanest and cruelest management politics.
    One of the major reasons a team plays like shite despite having high quality of players or at least good players is that there is no consistency in the technical side of things. The coach / manager gets sacked after a bad run (not meaning like digestive issues). They don’t stick with it to fix things, make them better. Didn’t they sack the manager after the World Cup qualifiers went a bit haywire? I am not sure that it’s realistic to expect a better result following big changes like that. Too much pressure on the technical people and the players. Well, that’s what I think anyways. I am sorry Ireland didn’t make it through on either side. :(

  3. There was something disturbing about hearing the booing on the radio, i my 5 years 30 of them watching Ireland play different games I have never heard booing like it. Steve is not the problem as he should never have been given the job , the FAI are to blame , they should never have sacked Brian Kerr with out a real alternative. Its not that we are in a state of transition its that the players have no idea what they are doing or what they are trying to do.

  4. The FAI are a disgrace, and I agree with you: there’s no point blaming Staunton. You might as well blame your dog for not playing the banjo.

  5. Look, we are talking about my dog eating cat turd, straight out of its fluffy little bumhole. This is very serious, ok? I missed the game because of it (thank fuck).

  6. The reason the game was so crap is that I spent most of the previous evening urinating all over the pitch, hence it was rather waterlogged.

    In addition the players were actually kicking a large piece of dog log as opposed to a football, it was like one of the white doggy doos that you used to see as kids.

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