Memories of a Violent Teacher

Murray was a distant and rather slow lad who arrived into our fourth class. We were nine. He wore a black, cut-down suit. His shaven head always hung down, and he looked up at you from under his eyebrows. I don’t know what he had witnessed in his life, but though he was only nine like the rest of us, he had a grown-up’s frown. Somehow, through that strange bush telegraph that schoolchildren operate, we all learned within hours that Murray had no father. Murray’s father was dead.

Marrinan the teacher was an arsehole who used to hit us with a wooden coat-hanger. He hit me once for not drawing a map of Ireland exactly right. He wasn’t very old — perhaps still in his twenties — and he had a stock of interesting facts about scientific discoveries and Greek mythology. I learned a lot from him, because I was a quick learner, and I must admit that he told us many fascinating things when he didn’t have the urge to attack us.

I was lucky: I only got the usual arbitrary, unfair slappings. Marrinan never singled me out for the special kind of bullying, though it annoyed him that I never showed any reaction when he hit me.  Sometimes he hit me a little harder but I wouldn’t show him he was hurting me.

Murray was not smart, or quick, or alert. He didn’t have a circle of friends, and he didn’t carry the threat of some father in the background who might come to the school and smash the bully’s face in if he went too far.

One day, Marrinan drew a diagram of the solar system on the blackboard.

Murray, come up here and show me the Sun.

Murray looked up at Marrinan from under his eyebrows. Marrinan caught Murray by the ears and slammed the back of his shaven skull against the blackboard where the Sun was drawn.

Now, Murray. Show us where the Sun is.

Murray said nothing, so Marrinan picked him up again by the ears and pounded the back of his head against the blackboard, five or six times.

Show me the sun


Show me









We all saw that, and there wasn’t a single damn thing we nine-year-olds could do about it. Whatever about poor Murray, it brutalised me, and it brutalised all the other young boys in the classroom.

Murray didn’t come back after the Christmas break.

It was savagery.

Murray’s name has been changed to protect the poor devil, but Marrinan’s has not. He wasn’t a Christian Brother, and he didn’t sexually abuse anyone. He was just a piece of shit who made a habit of terrifying small people, and I’d face him down now if I ever met him but I wouldn’t hit him, even though I’d like to kick him senseless.  That would give him a reason to complain he was assaulted.

He was bigger than me in those days, the cowardly prick, but I’d love to confront the ignorant bastard now, if he’d be kind enough to make himself known to me. However, since he preferred beating children, I imagine he wouldn’t have the guts to face a grown man.

I’d be happy to testify to this under oath and no doubt I’d be able to call as witnesses some of the forty other people who saw what he did.

The prick.

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  1. That name rings a bell, I’m pretty sure this guy may have been working in CBS Sexton St, at least up to a few years ago, I left the place in the 90’s and he wasn’t there then but I remember his name being mentioned after. Maybe not as a teacher but in some role.

    (I might be wrong)

  2. Oh, that poor boy. He’s probably still haunted by the abuse.

    Why is it that so many teachers grow to hate and torment children? It brings to mind McCabe’s “The Dead School.”

  3. Cupid Stunt: I doubt he was still working there in any capacity. I think he left within a year or two of the incident I described, by which time management and pupils were of one mind in their view of him.

    Medbh: I don’t know if teachers grow to hate children. This guy was pretty young when he taught us, and was probably a vicious, violent bastard from the day he took up the job.

  4. perhaps your re-telling will jog a memory, if not of that sick bastard, another equally as foul. perhaps some poor soul who was victimized as a child will find solace in knowing he/she wasn’t at fault and can find some help in dealing with the residual trauma.

    it never ceases to amaze me how cruel people can be, just because they can

  5. :o poor murray :( too much of that shit has gone on for too long, not so much now, but it did!

    I remember my dad telling me of a priest who was a bastart too, beating the living daylights out of him and the other kids when he was small, apparantly though when the boys in the class grew up it wasnt forgotten, and 3 of them saw him on the street years later, and beat the shit out of the fucker and left him for dead!!

    I dont condone violence but they certainly deserve their come uppins!

  6. Human beings can be the most miserable fucking creatures sometimes. It gets you down. Poor wee fellow. I hope some cosmic justice has put him somewhere he can forget all that.

  7. “Human beings can be the most miserable fucking creatures sometimes.”

    That’s a subject close to my heart. I love animals, and get annoyed when a human is said to be “behaving like an animal”. Who invented and refined torture?

  8. We had a perverted Christian Brother who used to batter the shit out of one of the lads with the blackboard duster, fortunately for the lad he was thick as two short planks in the skull bone and he used to smile back at the brother as if to say more please. The same brother tried to feel up me and half the boys in my class. I don’t know what became of the bastard, I just remember the swish of the long skirted gown they used to wear as he was running after some young lad and the sweat rings under the arms turned white through the black cloth. He made plenty lads lives miserable.

  9. I remember being punished for being ‘thick’, and I wasn’t particularly thick, just hadn’t always grasped whatever was going on, probably due to bad teaching.
    I was caned for cocking up my Latin, caned for mathematics, terrified of the nuns (some of them anyway), AND I was a good girl, always polite, obedient, always did my homework and spent half the school days praying.
    This is a bit of a rant, your story is awful, mine was just ‘normal’.

  10. Yes, I remember reading it, Bock. It’s no less shocking now for the re-telling, and you’re right to keep on telling and telling it.
    It’s no wonder people HATE teachers. That saddens me, because some are good. I think too many are pushed into teachers as a “safe, pensionable job”, and the watchdogs – inspectorate, management, principals, other teachers, parents and pupils just don’t deal with the mad and the bad. The system we have makes it a bit impossible…
    I witnessed very little violence at school (in the UK) and odd slap, but I was terrified of the spectacle. I think I would have fainted clean away if I had been present at your story, and I’m not joking. My hisband tells horrific tales of his schooling – a huge male teacher punching a third class girl in the nose and breaking it, no-one ever said a word to him. Another madman kicking and punching a 12 year old out of a glass window… this chap is now teaching our own children and he’s a reformed man. My kids really like him!!! Different times now, he wouldn’t dare touch a child of mine, I promise. Long ago though ( not so long!!) our parents were as scared and as downtrodden as their poor children, and some were nearly as violent as the teachers. Different times, but that’s no excuse, NO EXCUSE.
    Keep up the good work, Bock.

  11. Ah, fond memories of “De Akadamy of Fine Arts and Lernin”, that shithole CBS Sexton’s Street, left it in 1970, have not been back since, and, no intention of ever returning. Fond memories of 2 teachers, Jim Liddane and Eric Lynch, the rest are best forgotten, I just get too angry.

  12. Ah yes – the good old days! – I remember a teacher every bit as sadistic as the shit you describe! And incidentally he wasn’t a religious but he was religiously brutal. Teaching, like the church, attracts these disfunctional human beings. It is sad that the few destroy the reputation of the many but then the many should stand up and be counted and not leave children to bear the brunt and call the perpetrators to task. Sadly this message has still not filtered through. How many colleagues teachers/priests have shopped their abusive co-workers? I suspect not too many. As one who got more than a few clatters in his time I appreciate you raising this subject again Bock.

  13. I hope murray is okay and has a good life, I would like to meet one or two teachers now that I am an adult, not because they beat me, but the humiliation the caused so many students who were weak at certain subjects.

  14. Many of the nuns in my school were just as vicious, only they focused all their physical abuse on the boys. I only knew them to beat up on one girl, and she was poor like most of us, but not one bit bright.

  15. Yeah Bock,

    The first time you wrote this brought back some haunting memories which I had laid aside deliberately and drawn a line over, however in my case it was of savage beatings (physical abuse only) one of an acquaintance of both of ours, which we have discussed at length.

    You even said to me one night that I was very angry about it all, a fact which I hadn’t even realised myself until it was put to me in your usual blunt fashion. However it was not lay teachers but Two Bloody Brothers, just two, at different times, who tainted the name and memory of the rest of them who were great and did some fine work.

    Both had passed on before I finished in the so-called academy mentioned above, into the nether regions of whatever circle of hell and misery awaits bastards like them, a pity, because I would like to confront them now, and let them know what they actually wrought in the name of a so-called Christian god… and show one of them the hairs and pieces of scalp left behind on a coat hangar on a wall from a young fifteen year old kid.

    He was saved (His life was saved) by a Lay teacher in the room next door. There’s a Guy I’d like to meet again for exactly the opposite reason, to shake his hand and have a drink with. I’m told he jacked in a few years later and became a contractor in the states.

    The legacy of damage fuckers like them left behind taints a lot of us still, even though we might not realise it until something like this post slaps us in the face with it, and the anger comes again….

  16. There was a git like that where I went to school, I got away too, but one kid got clocked by a rather solid leather bound bible by the git. I will say that one difference was this git was a religious zealot and reacted poorly to any slight to the church, whereas your teacher was just a prick who knew he couldn’t do his job and took it out on others. My view is life is hard enough as it is when you get to be an adult, everyone should be entitled to have some joy, imagination and innocence as a kid without twisted self hating fucks like that bloke screwing it up for them.

  17. And we were forced to go back into the care of these butchers, by our parents who didn’t believe us or did, and didn’t know what to do. Shame on these bastards, shame, shame. No outing can ever heal the wounds inflicted by these malignant abusive animals, these monstrous acts of violence perpetrated on defenceless children. That the Marrinans and Vaughens should come back as shy boys from poor families ( it never happened to rich kids ), and be forced to meet themselves and be disfigured and marked by these cunts. An eye for an eye.

  18. Unfortunately, this is not a one-off as the same happened to a kid in my class in the same school. This time around it was a gobshite called [name removed by moderator] (Lay teacher not brother) who fostered both fear & ‘grassing’ (Informing). To cut a horrible story short it involved one poor fucker being kicked around the classroom & being hung out by his feet from a first storey window.
    In fairness to the place he did disappear from the place but only after two weeks or so.

  19. Anyone remember Brother McCullough “You wreeeetched creatur”.. he was an evil shite. I cant remember but he either is dead or had a stroke. Delighted to hear that.

  20. Hi Bock
    Poor Murray. It’s incredible the torture those bastards inflicted on little kids. I endured five years of verbal abuse from a twat called Clifford in a school in Caherdavin when I was a teenager. he basically made out I was some kind of prostitute, the pervert. I still think he is teaching.
    Much, much worse is the story of my good friend Peter who was sexually abused by a brother/priest at the age of 10. His life was riddled with shame and emotional torture until he took his own life last year. Poor Pete was the most beautiful man you could ever hope to meet. The fucker who did is is still working and being protected by the church. Here’s to Pete with love. Yes you’re right Bock, a lot of anger.

  21. I have so much anger towards those fuckers it seems no amount of rage or violence I could inflict on them would ease my pain. Only to see them dead by my own hands

  22. In the village near where i grew up there was a sadistic bastard school master. He managed to terrify generation after generation of children. He beat up on the children of ex students still too afraid to stand up to the old master. One man was so traumatised by his experience in the primary school that he would cross the street rather than pass in front of the mastes house. This was when he was in his late twenties. He committed suicide in the end.

  23. Was in the last class of kids ever to attend Creagh Lane C.B.S. Man there were some sadistic cunts ‘teaching’ there! I remember being about 7 years old, late for school by about five mins, and being marched up the outside stairs to the headmaster to be ‘leathered’!! Bastard! Always had the leather up his sleeve ready for action. Can’t think of his name, but remember he was a little cunt with wavy hair. When the school closed and we were transferred to the new one, St. Sennan’s, on the Island Rd., the little wavy haired cunt came with us! Another cunt who didn’t transfer to the new school was a fucker I remember as Bro. Skelton? That might not be the correct spelling, he taught piano and accordion to kids after school hours. It was only years later that I realised why! He would have one of us on his lap while the other was doing scales, and he was , what I now realise, touching us and who knows what else I can’t remember.

    I know there must have been good kind teachers, but I only remember the cunts!

    My kids today love school, love their teachers, love the whole system. It’s a great consolation.

  24. Mapstew….i believe Bro. Skelton went on to teach in St.Kieran’s school on the roxboro road (now demolished)…he was an evil bollox as far as i remember

  25. Hi Bock, I met a fellow school chum who told me about your story about Marinnan. I was in this class and sufferred similar to Murray in fact I thought I was Murray for a while but my father was alive so It wasn’t me. I can only agree with everything you say except the part where you say you wouldn’t hit him . I would probably kick his ass big time as a debt of honour so to speak. Cheers

  26. Hi there Holly. The bit about the kid’s father was something we got on the bush telegraph, and perhaps the information was wrong. You could easily have been that kid and in fact I hope so, because you seem to have turned out fairly sane.

  27. hello jb there was a commerce teacher in sexton st whose name eludes me,not a bad bloke,pat o driscoll was ok as well.seanie cox was a sadistic cunt.i havent been there since either.missus kids and now grandkids in oz now so i will hardly bother now.i hope you are doing well.mike kenny is the only one i keep in touch with.thanks for the great blog an old drinking buddy of mick sure you know his wife through the rape crisis centre.cheers…

  28. Well you could be describing a then private school in Raheny. Teachers & priests alike. One had a nickname simular to yours……

    Still bear the scars….

  29. hi all. i was at st kierans from 1976 to 1981. i remember that skelton cunt for two reasons.
    1. i was sent by mr doyle (who remembers him? he used to hang his biro from the bottom of his lip) class to br skeltons office coz i was some bollox back then. sat down in skeltons office for an hour. all i can remember is how he got me to talk about how i used to play ‘catch a girl, kiss a girl ‘ in omalley park. he got off on it, i swear.
    2. i was running toi school one morning coz i was late. i fell in a puddle in the middle yard. my teacher (mr haugh, another sadistic monster) sent me to skeltons office as my pants was soaked. when in his office, he proceeded to take my pants off, then my underpants. within two minutes of going into the office, i was naked from the waist down. now, he didnt do anything but he got rather too close to my willy when removing my clothes. sat on his chair for half an hour while my pants dried on the rads. all the time, this sicko leering at me.

  30. Hi Bock,

    Some days I was ”Murray” in your story, perhaps most days come to think of it., I went to CBS Creagh Lane Limerick in the Parish of St Marys., and the Regeime was similar to your experience., ” The Word Paedephile ” comes to mind when I think of the Brothers there., Totally Unchristian, they were Maniacs.
    The most uneducated immoral cowards that ever crawled this earth.

  31. Hi Bock, just another bit to add on, in the form of a question., ?

    Did any of you Guys ever again meet your tormentors ? and approach them ? as I am thinking of doing this, My wife says it would be of theraputic value., Any Tips from anyone ?

    Just as I am writing the news is on and ” John Drummond” ex Creagh lane Christian Brother has been found Guilty, having pleaded Guilty, to. ” Child Abuse” = I REST MY CASE =
    (I think I will try and make contact with my tormentors and ask them to account for themselves ? )

  32. Best of luck to you.

    As I said, I only ever received the usual arbitary slaps, but I witnessed many violent attacks on young children.

    If I saw one of these old guys now, and if I recognised him, I would feel no remorse about kicking the poor old guy in the crotch.

  33. I went to the Model until ’77. Gilmore was the head teacher, a headcase, vicious brutal bully. Had a guy called Haugh from Carrigaholt in 5th class. A sadistic prick. Donie Ryan took over as head in about 75/76 a gentleman, I still meet him from time to time.

  34. 1970/71 Presentation 1st Class Sister Raphael (Mad twisted bitch)
    !972/78 C.B.S Primary Brother Tracy (pervert) Brother O’ Sullivan (Sadist)
    1979/1981 C.B.S. Secondary BROTHER CROWE The most evil human being (If he could be called that) that I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. To this day I am affected by what that bastard did to me and others. All the while their behavior was seen and tolerated by lay staff and clergy. Yes Bock you could say there is anger surfacing.

  35. Fuckin’ arseholes! at 13 I remember (no names) seein’ a small bald fuck ex-boxer geography teacher (I use the term lightly) throw 3 or 4 punches into one of the boys for forgetting his geography book, guy went home and class went on(double class) guy and his dad arrived back about an hour later, called bald fuck outside class, dad headbutted him there and then! Class over! nothin’ ever done or said about it, never forget it myself and rest of class too, no doubt, poetic justice maybe, never saw the prick punch anyone again, leastways not in our class, sure theres a few boyos out there who’ll not forget it either! happened in 1977 or so! shockin’ sick pricks, not sure how I’d react if I bumped into some of ’em, live overseas now though! have to say they was some really great teachers too of course!

  36. Got clocked by a leather bound bible meself once, knocked me clean outta the desk, blacked out for a few seconds, man, did he shit himself! very apologetic he was! never told me dad, on reflection I should have! hated the sight of the C…t forever afterwards, heard he died years ago, straight ta hell I hope clutchin’ his precious fuckin’ bible, musta been popular the old ‘bible-bashin’, jesuit priest too this prick!!! and on a side note I was’nt from a poor family, was what was called a ‘smartarse’ though! still am, thank fuck! again whole class saw it, intelligent but sad bloggin, hope that shit don’t still go on, my young bloke goes to a decent normal school thank fuck!

  37. I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE CONTACT WITH ANYONE WHO WAS IN CBS CREAGH LANE LIMERICK ” Primary Certificate Class ” around 1958/59 ? certainly in the light of present day revelations, and our treatment by some of the Teachers. Would love to renew friendships etc.,

    Regards to All

  38. Brian,
    I remember that Bastard Crowe, he drove my brother out of the school in the twelve months before he died, after turning me into a thug for most of my school years. (He had doled out his “Religion” and “Courtesy ” Classes to me from 80-81). I only got back to decent studying after spending a few years working and then returning to College. I entered the school in the top grade but rapidly went downhill after that, quiet innocent boy in from the country, learnt to toughen up real quick. (And learnt to keep any intelligent thoughts to myself as they didn’t fit the Mould)
    Saw another cunt nicknamed “Skippy” bashing a mates head off a coat-hanger another day before a really sound french teacher pulled him aside and saved our classmates life. I’m told that the French teacher left after I finished up and went working on Building Sites in the states.

  39. Not this prick Bock,
    his was a Dublin 4 /news reader type accent,he spoke in an even tone all the time whether he was dragging you by the hair along the floor to the blackboard or “praising you for having ruled your margin exactly 1” from the left hand side of your page.Geek I had him for English, Latin and Religion(what a joke).
    He would leave our homework copies on his desk before we arrived in class, about 30 or so piled one on top of the other but there were always about a half dozen or so turned sideways, these were the poor bastards whos homework were not up to his standards and were guaranteed to be beaten and humiliated.
    We began to cover our copies so as to recognise if ours were turned sideways. Don’t know why because there was no way out! but to my shame I was always relieved when it was some other poor sod and not me in for a hiding.I had him the year before he died so I possibly knew your brother.My story is similar to yours with regards to losing all interest in school ,left after Inter Cert.Fair dues to you for going back to college and not letting that creep ruin your life as I am sure he did to many.

  40. Hello Again, I just looked up my ” PRIMARY CERTIFICATE” and found it in the Attic. (Best Place for It)

    However as I looked , I noticed the date was 1957. So all my previous posts refer to that year in Particular, when the Worst Loonatic with a Collar., was let loose on us poor Children from the Parish.
    And again if any of you out there remember me, please post and renew friendships

    PS; There were another two Brothers also who were likewise inclined, White and Walsh

  41. Hard to define the accent Bock, Old style BBC/RTE might maybe cover it,

    Every so often we would get the story about how he used to have to teach the “Poor Black kids” (His words) to shoot on the rifle range in Rhodesia or some other godfearing african country. I actually found the bastards “Courtesy for boys and girls” book in a drawer in one of the rooms after he died and took it. I still have the fucking thing around here somewhere. Never quite got around to the ritual burning, I might just do that.

    The other scary thing like the homework copies was them bastard Homework Journals, where any poor fucker that didn’t have it filled in word for word exactly like everyone else would be hauled up inside his office at the end of the corridor and then leathered or dragged up and down by the hair depending on his mood. he checked these once a month or so, or whenever he needed a reason to vent. I got the receiving end of that on my third week into school. Some learning experience.
    Were you perhaps a country boy too brian? I have a feeling that our paths may have crossed, my brother left for a tech much nearer home at the start of the year that fat fuck died. I remember a Brian from about 8 miles from town in my brothers class. I would have been two years ahead of him. I was a long haired fucker with a bike jacket in those days.

    Bock, You know the guy that I saw getting his head bashed in. We know him quite well actually, took over his fathers business before returning after a couple of years to the very different job he was doing before that.

  42. No Geek ,
    I lived about 2 mins away from Sexton St. (Carey’s Rd.) We didn’t have him for Civics which I heard he taught as well (courtesy for boys and girls I assume). If you ever get round to burning that book, do it at the bastards grave, and piss on it for me and countless others.

  43. Hello Again,

    I wonder if any of you recognize me from Creagh Lane, ”Primary Cert 1957.” and all the F*****G years leading up to it. I was known as Maitiu, Mattie, Matthew, even Machie I answer to all of them. Do post and can meet for a Stroll down Memory Lane.


  44. Hi, does any one remember Brother Loughnane, he took the pleasure of removing his watch several times every week to punch me in the head. I reported him to Br. Mcgrath aka Knaker. Only to recieve a simalar fate. This occured in the mid 1970’s. I would realy like to know where these bastards are to day. I believe Knacker is now bursa for all christian Brother finances. Love to meet them for hot coffee. I jest

  45. lads, i dont know where to start on this but me and my brother went to st kerians on the roxborogh rd in 1980,1981, that head brother skeleton the dirty bastard tryed to molest us a couple of times,we were staying in the goodshepherd convent at the time and we would have to wait for a lift back after school by the fifth class teacher mr supple,,skeleton used to call us up to the OFFICE were he tryed to give us hugs,telling us we were poor suffering little children,oh when i think of it now what that bastard nearly did,and to think what all those people like my dad went through back in the fifthies up in the danghan,if he was so bold to try what he tryed on us at a mainstream school what would he have done to us if it was like where my dad was,,,

  46. Hello, V.H.

    There was a time when I would be surprised, but nothing ever surprises me anymore when it comes to people. particulary those who Gravitate to a profession where they have easy access to ”whatever turns them on.,” and you like the rest of us, were just as unlucky to have also met such a ”Bastard”. Creagh Lane was a Melting pot of them, in my time the 50s. and so on it goes., as long as there are humans on this planet., LIKE THE POOR THEY WILL ALWAYS BE WITH US. I am personally trying to track down all my ex school-mates with the intention of having a meeting and hopefully bring some of these now old ex teachers before the courts.

  47. yes it is true that they do seek certain professions,as i was hearing lately on the news about two women and one man that worked in a cresh,nursery, now that there caught, one of them wants favours for naming the childern so that they can be givin any help they need, it makes my skin crawl knowing that there is people out there like that and of all people you wouldnt belive that women would be involed,,,scarry. i wish you goood luck maitiu on bringing those to court,as it was done with the natzis never let them get away with what they have done

  48. I see Pat fleury is still going, that bastard beat the shite out of so many of us, what a travesty.
    Anyone remember brother Flynn?? He left to be a priest, or something????????

  49. Anyone remember Bros Hincheon. Sykes and Guthrie in Sexton Street? I left in 1975. I know now I will never get over the fucking place.
    Teachers Liddane. Lynch and Smith were good guys.

  50. Hi,
    Does anyone remember Paddy Kenny , Principal Clonfad National School. 1953/56
    I have read with sorrow all the other accounts. This guy was the leader of them all. Total evil.
    If there is anybody out there who remembers him. Please tell the stories about this tirant.

  51. William’s memories of a Brother Loughnane are the same as mine of a Brother Loughnane who taught in Synge St CBS, Dublin, in the late 60s. One day I was sent in to Loughnane by our commerce teacher because he wanted me to ask Loughnane if I could miss football that day to rewrite my commerce balance sheet. Because Loughnane had already beat two boys from my class badly, the class were all saying no, no dont (send me in to the adjoining Loughnane class). But the commerce teacher, who was one of nature’s gentlemen and didnt know the likely outcome, sent me in. I was brought to the front of that class and badly assaulted assaulted, to the horror of that class, and ended up on the floor. I dont know what happened after that, but the commerce teacher came in after and said something like I did not know that was going to happen. I think Loughnane was removed from Synge Street soon afterwards, but he was probably sent somewhere else where he continued to brutalise whole classrooms of children.

  52. @ John Wayne
    I remember Br Guthrie with horror. A vicious sadistic cunt who took pleasure in inflicting pain on a daily basis. I would like to share a few thoughts with him.

  53. Hi Guys,

    I recently got the phone Nr of one of my Christian Brother Tormentors, and phoned him, He is now Happily Married ???????????? and didnt know or remember me, I told him of certain events in his Christian Brother Career and of course he had no recollection of them. ”NO’ ‘ IT WAS NEVER LIKE THAT IS ALL I GOT. He did say that my phone call was coming at a very late stage as he is now in his 80s and he was uncomfortable and my call was disturbing etc., etc.,


  54. Hi Again,

    Any advise as to how I should proceed, as these events were in the late 50’s, what’s the legalese at this late stage as I am still hopeful of Nailing the F****R

    All and any comments greatly appreciated.

  55. Make a complaint to the police if you haven’t already done so. Alternatively, you can always take a private prosecution, or you can sue him.

  56. I went to Creagh Lane school in the early 60s, my family had returned from Birmingham, we were a large family and so we were scattered around Limerick with close relatives until we could get a corporation house. I stayed with relatives of my father in Athlunkard Street. I was sent to Creagh Lane as it was the nearest school to where i was living at that time.

    I was put into what was called fourth class, downstairs, the headmaster was Br. Walsh a sadist. The br for fourth class was a very young man called White. Another sadist in a school of horror. I can remember some of my classmates names, there were Ryans, Macnamara, O`Briens, Clancy, Griffin, Meanys, Kerly, Tompkinson, Hogan, O`Connell, Rowen, there are others that i cannot remember their names but their faces float around my brain at times.

    Br. White was well schooled in the practice of terror and torture, he was an expert shot with the leather, no matter what the distance, he could hit you with it like a boomerang. If you were his particular victim at any given time, he would grab you by the hair on the side of your head and lift you clean up from your desk, pull you along to the front of the class and pyhsically assualt you for your crime. The leather was the most common and favoured weapon used by Br White, once or twice he had forgotten where he had left his leather( it was sometimes loaned out to other classes for use by other brs and teachers ). He would then use his fists on us, digging us in the torso, chest, shoulders, stomach and back, never in the face or anywhere we would show bruising to easy.

    My time in that classroom was one of the most terrifying introductions to the “Christien” Brothers way of education. The next year i had moved on to fifth class with another seriously disturbed teacher called Michael Dilger. His favourite method of instilling fear and terror was to line a random selection of his pupils up on a cold winter morning and proceed to beat each and everyone in their hands with the leg of a chair, ruler or a leather if he could get a loan from Br White downstairs. The first to be beaten in this way was sent to get the leather and the last had to return it. He was a filty individual, in his manner, his clothes, and his appearence. He would instruct us each day which lessons/books to involve ourselves and then take out the paper to read, smoking his ciggerettes, picking his nose and snorting like a sow! On some afternoons he would leave one of the older boys in charge and go to the bookies to lay his bet and stop for a drink on the way back, he often took a drink while he read his paper in the mornings also. A final note on Michael Dilger, i was working with a former classmate one time and he told me he had met Dilger twice, once on Mulgrave street, when he realised who he was he gave him a hiding there and then. The other time he was visiting someone in St. Joseph`s Hospital ( Mental Hospital ) when he spotted Dilger he said he felt not one ounce of pity for Dilger.

    To all of us he was a big man, very very unpredictable. One of the boys did not come back to school one afternoon, the following day he called this boy to the front of the class to explain to his classmates why he had deprived us of his company the day before. The young boy said ” I went to the pictures sir”, what?! Dilger asked in an unbelieving voice. ” I went to the pictures sir ” was the reply. Dilger prepared this boy for a beating, just before he used the leather he asked the boy what picture he had gone to. The King Of Kings sir was the reply. Sit down he was told, we were all shocked that he was not beaten. There was another classroom next to ours called 5b, i think. We were told the pupils in this class were only biding their time until they left school, they were unteachable or losers as the term would be today. I don`t remember who the teacher was for this class, but he missed a lot of days, so Dilger or Br Hickey who taught sixth class would take turns in supervising them. I do remember that a number of these pupils actually beat up Dilger one day. They were the toast pf all the boys in fifth class after that, of course they were expelled.

    There was a Br. Hickey teaching sixth class, none of the information we had on him was good, we could hear him scream even when we were downstairs in fourth class, desks were overturned regularly and crying was a daily sound in our young lives. We were all terrified of sixth class. Something happened with Br. Hicky, we were due to move into his class on a Monday, when we turned up he was missing, this was a physcopathic sadist, he would chastise any late comer to his class and give a even worse beating if you missed a day, no matter what the circumstances. We were never informed what happened with Br. Hickey. Some years later i was told that he was gone on the missions, some years later i was told he had molested boys in his class, they had been his favourites. I did hear that he died in Africa, don`t know how true that is.

    I am approaching 60 now, my expierience of the treatment meted out to all of us all those years back, has left an indelible mark in my life, i am not afraid of them, or bullies in general. I married, had children, and avoided all contact with church organisations. When my children went to school or changed school as needed i would approach the principel, as they are now called, i would advise them strongly not to hit, scare, frighten, terrorise or otherwise threaten my children. If this happened they would have me to face.

    I think all that was needed was our parents to face them in the same way and we would have been the best educated in the world.

  57. That comment was from Manny using a different name.

    Unfortunately, since he refuses to accept the operational decisions of this site, we won’t be hearing from him again under any name.

    This is a pity, but people need to understand that all decisions about how this site is run will be made by me. Of course, people are free to set up their own websites should they choose, and I will not try to tell them what they should publish.

  58. Bock,
    Its possible we may have been in the same class, as I was “taught” by that terrorist Marrinan also. If memory serves me correctly he was from west Clare ,possibly Kilkee. He hit me once just behind my left ear for not standing in a straight line in the yard. To this day theres a reminder of my indiscretion in the form of a lump in said spot. But I remember particularly two classmates,quiet inoffensive boys whose only crime was that they were not academically inclined. Marrinan physically abused them almost on a daily basis,his modus operandi being to lift them off the ground by the ears and bang their heads off the classroom door. Im 54 years old now,that was in third class when we were nine or ten years old. We were genuinely transfixed by the terror of this abuse but helpless to do anything about it and anyway its probable that at the time nobody would have believed us if we had related this savagery. Forty four years gone by and this is still fresh in my memory. Some of those “christian” brothers still alive are being brought to book now,but what really irks me is that many lay teachers who were absolute sadists,not only got away with their criminality,but some are politicians,property developers etc.,who have prospered shamelessly,individuals of vulpine perspicacity,always one step ahead. In the words of Yeats,W.B.:”For the worlds more full of weeping,Than you can understand”. How sadly true.

  59. Hi Mannie.
    ref your Information on the bad times at CBS Creagh Lane, Suggest you do what I did, and make contact with those Fuckers now, even at this very late stage. You will be wonderfully rewarded as it takes a lot off your Mind and you can begin to live again. IT ALSO PUTS A LOT ”ON THOSE BASTARDS MINDS ”AS THEY ARE LEFT IN LIMBO WONDERING WHEN IS THE SUMMONS GOING TO DROP THROUGH THE LETTER BOX.”
    And it will., but I’m not saying when and they know its coming. You and I have waited many years and its our turn now. Revenge is Sweet says the Lord ?

    Best of Luck / Maitiu

  60. I was in CBS Sexton late 70″s,had the great displeasure of falling under Br Treacys pervy gaze,between having the head boxed off me or being all touchy-feely with me,i didn”t know whether i was coming or going.
    Anyone else?

  61. another alumnus of sexton street here, reading these comments brought back some memories.

    i had mccullough in first year; it was at the point where he couldn’t hit kids any more, he was doddering at that point but you could see not being able to hit us a box really frustrated him. like another commenter above i have very fond memories of jim liddane, who was both very sound and very funny.


    Anyone remember Br Cass ? Biggest Basterd that ever walked on earth. No Sign of Religious Vocations amongst the so called Religious there either., These people were all Pervs, and we all knew it and lets say some of the so called Normal Lay Teachers were sometimes no better unfortunately.,
    What a Setup the New Irish Republic, I often wonder sould we hand it back to the Brits and apologise for the state its in. The expression Mad Irish Men comes to mind, I’ve heard it from New-Zealand to Greenland we are known the world over as The Mad Irish. What a Comment I make of my own race, but I’ve been there done that etc etc etc., Regards Maitiu

  63. fifth and sixth class st peters and pauls clonmel guthrie the evil bastard with the bumble bee made from waven just out formed into hurleys i hope he died a painful death cos there was bad and then him if only i was not ten i wouuld have chocked the existance out of the thug and broke every bone in his pathetic body and sent his soul to where it is HELL

  64. This thread has been going for quite a while but clearly demonstrates the scale and depth of savagery that was incidental background noise to Irish “education” in the 60’s 70’s and early 80’s. Primary school for me was from 71-79 and pure chance dictated that I did not end up in the class of our resident sociopath (A namesake for that matter…) Other less fortunate kids bear the scars. Aside from the very nice female teacher I had in Junior & Senior infants (Ms Prunty) subsequent teachers were “OK” . They did take some interest in the kids development but given that the majority of the class were from poorer less aspirational backgrounds it was an uphill battle. Additionally they were not particularly averse to a few lashes of the stick across the paws.I feel that while they were generally decent enough people the legal legitimacy of corporal punishment allowed the darker side of their psyche to indulge in unnecessary beatings when things got frustrating for them. Timing is everything and secondary school from 79-84 was (for me at least) a decent enough experience primarily because the majority of my teachers were motivated, younger and less fucked up than those who were brought up in the whole grim austere catholic ethos of a generation before. Corporal punishment was abolished in 82 and it was a delight to hear how Brother Anthony had to thump the desk as opposed to the kids when explaining the general equation of a line. Ireland’s education system has come a long way in the past 40 years (my own kids experience to my eye is idyllic – and it’s a regular state school). I dont believe it’s a “world class” standard as is occasionally proffered by various government PR / Media outlets but at the very least my kids go to school without the stomach churning fear of random violence and humiliation that was the norm for previous generations.

  65. JT, corporal punishment may have been abolished in 1982, but I can assure you it didn’t stop in 1982. I saw some beatings handed out for the most frivolous reasons (is there a good reason?) that I only now recognise decades later not as “corporal punishment” but as aggravated criminal assault.

    In terms of actual physical abuse, sure, I took a knock or two. Nothing as horrible as some of the stories here, and not as horrible as the victims I witnessed. But I can testify that the effect of being locked in a tiny room with and angry sociopath for years on end took it’s toll on me as a child. Not as much as some of the other kids, but the threat of unprovoked sadistic violence from a 17 stone thug has it’s affects as well. And when they did eventually stop short of hitting you, that threat was used to much more menacing effect.

    I saw well-known teacher [identifying details deleted] throw a ten year old down a flight of 12 stairs because he was playing with a toy car in the hallway when he was supposed to be standing in a queue waiting to be allowed back into class after a break.
    (Same “educator” punched another boy in the face for laughing when he passed out pissed drunk in the class room and fell off his chair)

    I saw a boy run screaming and whimpering out of the classroom after being whipped 17 times (and yes, three decades later I really do remember the exact number!) across the legs with a leather strop for failing to recite a prayer correctly. That boy never returned to school after that, and I doubt very much he can either recite the same prayer or even believes in god.

  66. Bob, same teacher knocked my younger brother about,only I didnt find out it about until years afterwards. Hes still knocking on doors looking for votes ,telling people what he can do for them, the tramp. Hopefully,our paths will cross someday and we’ll see if he’s still a hard man, now that the playing field is more level. Makes you wonder if carries on like that at home.

  67. Hi Bob and Tony,

    Suggest you both go See that Politician from your past, And let him give you some explanatlion, I can assure you it will be most Satisfying.,


  68. How are you Maitiu
    I think I was at school with you, my father died in 1956 and money was very scarce, but once a week you would give me a penny if you had it and I never forgot that. I would often say to you Maitiu, have you any chickens, but you knew what I meant and I looked forward to that penny to buy a chester down the lane from the school. If its the same person we are both talking about I have approached him and said it to him about the abuse and I am not talking about physical, it was sexual. But he denied it which he would anyway. I will be in the Limerick Area after Christmas If you would like to meet up.Thanks to Bock for the Info

  69. Hi, Ray ? Is that you, Black Hair Brown Eyes ? and a brother called, was it Dennis, the old memory cells are getting burn’t out., appologies for precaution’s

    If it is, who I hope it is, thanks for the Kind thoughts in your Post., Those were the days, and I remember getting lots of Chickens from my Grandmother who lived in the ‘Widows ‘Alms” She was on a small pension from the UK Military, and used to supply my pocket money. Her Husband my Grandfather was in the famous Battle of EL -Kebir in Egypt 1885, and thats where the Chickens originated from. Unfortunately no money at home as you know, circumstances were ”Critical to Say the least” – and to put it mildly, we all survived to tell the tale. you can also e-mail me at if you wish. Happy Christmas to you and All the Family. looking forward to re-connecting after so many years. Matt
    Delighted to hook up after all those years., I am in good health and I wish you and Family a very happy Christmas and New year., Cheers for now. Maitiu (Matt) ( Mashie ) etc.,

  70. Bob that teacher you describe .. .you were dead on what u said .
    Bro crowe ( courtesy for boys and girls) huh also had him for latin and english I remember the copy books stacked up and the ones on the side to class 1p patricks ’75 what I would give to meet him now on the street but he is dead, a real bastard he really loved his thin long leather with weights in it .
    Bro cleary a sadistic evil man who got off on beatin the shit out of kids ….
    Bro guthrie the worst Cristian brother of them all, a bully ,a bastard, really liked to dole out pain he really liked that he really did ,he even used to beat and bully Jimmy the caretaker a small light man RIp.left and married i believe now well up the ranks in the GAA.

  71. Well done on documenting the most appalling behaviour I ever had the misfortune of witnessing in not necessarily halycon school days. One slight correction, the victim was not slow, he just had the misfortune of being vulnerable having lost a parent, he cried in class and was immediately picked upon by neanderthal with the unerring feral instinct of spotting human weakness.

  72. It was not just the brothers, I went to St Johns on Garryowen road, the old school, I was 5 years old and was hit in the back of the head from behind for switching my pencil to my left hand and left unconscious in the class room.After school finished I was found by the old cleaner Florrie, god rest her soul. The person who did this was Sister Agatha, from St Marys convent. It has been 45 years but I still loath all clergy, especially nuns.
    My parents made a complaint but the nun was packed off to the missions. I hope she dies alone and screaming.

  73. That hell hole of a school no chance of an education thank god that brother drummond got who was coming to him

  74. I went to Synge St, as did both of my older brothers, who became alcoholics, and commited suicide.In the primary school, I had no problems, but when I was going into the secondary school, both of my brothers, urgently approached me, and told me to watch out for The Wild Man.Being very naive, I hadnt a clue, what they were talking about, but when I saw this bastards evil eyes, I knew.He reefed me out of it, with his filthy prick.This was in the 60,s.My Dad, who was a Senior Garda, found out, as I had began mitching.He went down there, with his uniform on, smashed the fucker, in the face, breaking his nose, and repeatedly, kicking him, in the bollocks, with his size 12,s.The rest I cant write about, as it is sub judice.

  75. Well Lad’s, I really hope your all well. Any one of you remember a so called christian brother called “Creevey” Bro Creevey. I do and what an evil bastard he was too. Principle in John the Baptist garryowen Limerick between 85-1990++++++.” From Dublin ” originally. I would be very interested in speaking to any person who has dire bad experience’s via this bastards hands and everything else mental /physical and sexual, via this blog, for now.He is the crueles fucking prick I can ever remember in my life, with teachers and priests all around him , at the “highest levels”, who knew what he was capable of and what he was up too but “”””Very curiously “”” NEVER done any thing about him. Minding their own precious jobs. In relation to remark “65” here on the blog. Revenge is sweet says the lord! indeed, we’ll soon see how equality works. “”” purely within the remit of law”” and order! These people were not christians lads, as you allready know, they , were, sadists, peados, S&M specalists, mental abusers, resident evil, satanists, brainwashers filthy bastards in the most unfathomable ways. Hitler’s Natzi Germany would have been more suitable for them, but instead of the unfortunate poor Jews who were killed and experimented on it should have been these brothers> They were worse than the Natzi experience. WW2 lasted 5 years in Europe, the same amount of time I endured this pricks torments, I would like to see them/him at a trial similar to Nuremburg and see them/him swing rightfully in front of thoes they have tried to destroy. But let them not forget , we are a resilient bunch of lads, we will never forget, or maby forgive, but we know the wolves from the sheep by know, beware Pervert CBS Brothers, the “Quite Man” is staying quite/silent no more!!!!! Beware the post man Brother, the baristar, the judge, the jailer, you prison cell and fellow inmate’s and finally your just reward facing you maker and eternal darkness at the bottom of hell getting what you gave, eternally. Have I issues, yes. But God willing the justice system will make these corrupted humans face their equals and bow to the natural out come. If any of you konw of this man please let me know ASAP

  76. @HomerMcC No. 66. Treacy appeared at Limerick District Court on 11th inst. charged with 138 counts of indecent assault against 13 boys. He is due back in court on Nov 28th to allow for the completion of the Book of Evidence. Treacy is now seventy years old. “The wheels of justice grind slow but grind fine”. We hope.

  77. Who is this guy, Treacy?

    Wait now. Looking it up, his name is Seamus Treacy and he’s accused of kiddie-fiddling at a swimming pool. He’s a brother of footballer Ray Treacy.

    Folks, in the interests of due process, I don’t want anyone saying anything that might derail his trial. Is that ok?

  78. You might have done just that Bock. What has his brother to do with this ffs? And if you dont mind me saying,not that I give two fucks,the term “kiddie-fiddling” is an appalling diminution of what actually happened. My anger stems from the fact that I had a younger brother in attendance at Sexton Street around the time in question. Nothing personal towards your good self.

  79. I haven’t said anything relating to his guilt or otherwise. That’s important.

    His position in the soccer world will possibly become apparent in due course.

  80. Ok. Your post about local council reforms last evening should be reproduced and hung on every lamp post and esb pole nationwide.

  81. @ TonyC,re; post 85.
    Tony,was there any more about the court date 28/12? Havent seen anything in the local press.

  82. Hi can i do anything about abuse at st kierans school by br skelton use to be scared to death going to school daily even haugh went over the top can anyone remember him inspecting or feet i learnt nowt at that school

  83. Bock,
    I was a victim of the “kiddie-fiddling” as you put it….
    Abused whilst being “taught how to swim” at St. Enda’s.
    He also had “Chess Lessons” on a Saturday morning in Block E or F in Sexton St.
    I witnessed and was victim of abuse there also…
    The lay teachers had to have known what was going on as even in my innocent state I could see their reactions
    yet they did NOTHING…
    I am not one of the brave lads that have taken this further….as I fear for my kids anonimity….I feel like shit.
    I want this bastard to suffer as i did…

  84. Some of the teachers in the primary school at CBS sexton st were evil bastards…
    I for one know… I was 7 years old.. and a certian teacher, beat the shit out of me with his fists & a plastic pipe… why you ask…
    Just becasue I leaned against his car.. a light blue, Citron cv 1978 car.. as he had it parked outside the block near his classroom..
    I have wished for years that I could meet that bastard..
    Oh he was reported.. but he denied it…

  85. As per my previous relpy/response in the above..
    The bastards name was [deleted – please not identify people by name], he thought in 2nd class in CBS Sexton st. up until I left in 1884..
    I was in 2nd class at the time with a [deleted]. nice teacher but a bit too fond of the leather.. when it was produced..
    I said Mr… replace that with Cunt..
    I pissed in my pants that day with the beating he gave me.. being an innocent 7 year old
    for leaning on that cunts car.. I was traumatised for years after that…

  86. Crap… That make me seem old… edit that 1884 to 1984
    Then again the cunt hit me so hard he probably put me back to 1884…

  87. Why did you delete the Surnames of the teachers that I mentioned..
    Unlike many of the other posts… that named teacher or Christian Brothers.
    they are only surnames..

    On a differenet note .. years ago. . I heard the comedian Dave Allen once say..
    Ah the Christian Brothers, the popes SS of the Catholic Church…

  88. I was in cbs sexton st in the 1970,s.That cunt treacy or trassa as we knew him,molested kids in front of
    a teacher who was mayor of Limerick at the time.

  89. Anyone remember a teacher called Prenderville in CBS sexton street. I think he was from Kilrush, Clare. He used to hammer shit out of lads for no reason other than he was a bully. What an utter cunt he was,

  90. I remember the CB in Limerick though not kindly but haunting memories of abuse.

    Unfortunately, a lot has been blacked out but I do remember one particular CB abusing us brutally and criminally at the age of 9. Whenever he would raise his voice and banging the ruler, our class of all boys would bow our heads in unison to avoid contact with this monster. We all new what was coming. He would pick a fellow classmate and put them under a podium he sat near the front of the class. He picked me twice for no reason, He would tell you to sit inside this podium which was very small and all the while reaching down and grabbing your private parts while speaking to the class sometimes even using his shoe to put pressure between your legs which hurt. Even at the young age of 9 you realize that this is not normal. Most of us were poor and would get a free bottle of milk but he decided to use that to give to ever he deemed fit. I told my Mother as my Father was in America at the time. She took me down to speak w/the Headmaster who summoned the CB and hid sheepishly behind denying all. We never got any satisfaction. My family emigrated to NYC in 1958.

    I would love to create a survivors network from the CB School of Limerick. My email address is

  91. The following is not intended to offend the many people who have been severely traumatised, simply to offer a balancing view. While I witnessed and felt physical and emotional abuse, sarcasm and more, I have very fond memories of Sexton’s, from 1958-’68. I had good teachers in abundance, both lay and religious; yes, I was walloped – par for the course with society at the time. However, I took it in my stride, and claim not to have been overly damaged.

    The CBS, generally, met their aim in educating working-class boys. Apart from the formal curriculum, I was exposed to elocution, music, cinema, drama, sport, art, gymnastics and drill, and probably much more.

    At primary school I met lovely men, including Dogsbody Cummins, Charlie Scully, Gearoid O Tiarnaigh, Mr. O Driscoll, Stan Downing, Jodie Sullivan, and I will omit the names of some demons; there were many more gentlemen, but their names escape me. Among the CBs I met, some of them far from lovely, were Bro Mullins, Bro McCormack, Bro Hickey, Bro ‘Jack’ Wright, Bro Ryan, Bro Nolan, Brother Kenny, Bro Kelly and Bro Wrynne.

    At Secondary I met some woeful teachers and some of the best – and all shades in between. I liked Connie McGrath, Art McCormack, Timmy Frawley, Bro Mullane, Bro ‘Sammy’ Keating, Bro Baldy O’ Neill. Bro Fahey, Bro Burke, Bro Devanney,Tommy Greene and many more; I remember having a sub – Mr Reeves – for a few weeks, and I was very impressed with his approach, and I, too, liked Jimmy Liddane. I’ll refrain from writing about genius Seanie Cox, and I remember giving Anne Bogue a hard time – sorry Anne!.

    In my mature years I could write critically about some of the teachers, but, I gained well from the CB system. I continue to sing the praises of Sexton’s – without apology to those who would say otherwise.

    Noel Brennan, class of ’68.

  92. I won’t sleep a wink until I amend the piece above. I should DEFINITELY not have included Devanney among the CBs I liked; it is apt to quote ‘sarcasm is the greatest weapon of small minds.’ Somewhere along the line, as part of the indoctrination, I heard that a Catholic would not be excommunicated for hitting a ‘religious’ if he was not wearing his dog-collar. Devanney was the only ‘religious’ I ever invited to remove his collar!

  93. People would believe any old shit in those days. I heard this man’s name mentioned — by all accounts he was a complete bastard.

  94. It is reported on Limerick’s Live95FM website today that a former Christian Brother,Sean Drummond from Ballinteer,Dublin has changed his plea from not guilty to guilty in relation to a charge of indecently assaulting a pupil on two occassions between August 1968 and August 1969 at CBS school,Sexton Street,Limerick.
    Anybody remember this guy? I can’t recall him.

  95. See Limerick’s Live 95FM website today for details of a charge against former Christian Brother,Sean Drummond.
    Anybody recall him? I can’t.

  96. He got a two year suspended sentence. See report on the same web site today. That’s all I’ll say,in case I say too much.

  97. The Christian brother who I & several others have legal proceedings pending, was allowed leave to appeal the charges, on the grounds that he was being prejudiced against. & wouldn’t receive a fair trial.

    Imagine that.

  98. I went to the Model during the early eighties. I think I was abused (not sexually). There was a horrible skank in 4th class called [deleted]. Evil. Also I had the corpulent buffon [deleted] in 6th class as well. Cowardly bullying from the teachers no less. And it proudly proclaims an anti-bullying policy on its website these days. Don’t make me laugh. [deleted] was the Principal and whilst he was a decent chap he was hopeless as a Principal. Good God I think [deleted]is still there! No one does or says a thing while she basically abuses her position. What’s wrong with everyone?

    Other kids were treated like royalty though. I just wish I knew what I did wrong. I wasn’t disruptive but I wasn’t doing a stroke of work….this seemed to really embitter them against me. Like as if I had murdered someone. Fruitcakes.

    I had [deleted] in fifth class and he was so up his own arsehole he would opine on everything from football to smoking at length practically every day. Teach not preach mate….teach not preach. Oh and the time an inspector came and he told us we were being evaluated when it was actually him….naughty naughty [deleted]! Funny you expected us to obey rules when you didn’t.

  99. Jason, since I’m the one who receives the legal threats, I’ll be the one to make those judgements.

  100. St Johns Girls School 1977-1984
    I was going to post and make a comment about a Mrs Braneach from this school but she is not worth the effort of the upset i will feel for the rest of the day.

  101. I wasn’t being smart Bock! May I ask what form these legal threats take? I mean are they saying the remarks are defamatory? They’re only defamatory if they’re not true and I’d gladly stand by my comments to anyone. I do understand though you have to protect yourself Bock. Thanks again.

  102. To Jason: your comment has been blocked, and all your future comments will be blocked. Do not ever, under any circumstances, think you can threaten me.

  103. my personal Auschwitz was Synge st cbs in dublins southside and it is obvious from the tormented outflow of all the previous commentators that only the names of the inmates & guards change, the rest of the stories contents would’nt fill a gardas little notebook.

  104. I just realised at the Model my teacher (can’t name him but he’s mentioned above.. hint: “sadistic prick”) was using “psychological manipulation” techniques (thanks Wikipedia)on me. Sounds absurd I know but it all fits. Of course such a thing was completely unknown to me as a child. I was very innocent and fit the profile for the ideal victim of manipulation exactly.

    The man was some sort of lunatic. I just can’t get my head around how you could be so mercilessly violent to harmless children. He was manipulating me and the madman one day suggested I should slit my throat (he made the finger across his throat gesture) if I had trouble in the future. I mean the guy seriously wanted me dead.

    He was up to all sorts that year I had him. What worries me is what bad habits he cultivated in me that I’m unaware of. I mean it sincerely when I say I’d love to research how well pupils fared after being “taught” by this guy. I’m certain there would be a few suicides.

    I remember the nutcase savagely attacking lads for the most minor of transgressions. It just shocks me how he could physically and emotionally abuse children willy nilly and get paid for it! He was demented for God’s sake! Unhinged. What kind of person could devote so much time an energy to just trying to ruin my life.

    He just got off on hurting people/kids. This was the late eighties. How come nobody ever kicked the shit out of this freak? I Lol at the fact the Model has a good reputation in Limerick.

    If any other past pupils of him are reading this please, please could you contact me as I’m pretty isolated and would love to know more. Hope it’s OK to post an email address:

    Thank you and take care guys!

  105. There was a lay techer in CBS sexton street around the same time as the (nameless) former brother now awaiting trial on his 138 charges, he was from Kilrush in Clare and his surname begane with “P”. Does anyone remember him? He was a vicious thug. Hammered the shit out of lads for nothing. Someone got hit every day, most days one or the same lads got proper beatings. Fucking horrible.

  106. “Bock”
    Is this site still active and are you monitoring it?
    I appreciate that 8 years have elapsed since you set it up for comment and that the last posted comment is from February 2015. I’ve only just become aware of the site when searching for something else to do with my old home town of Limerick. Most of the names of teachers mentioned in the various posts on this site (both lay as well as religious) I do recall and could add quite a few others to the list (some very few were good, most were of the worst category). We children were mere “Lambs to the Slaughter” and the CB’s were the proverbial “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing”.
    Leon Nayr

  107. With regards to my earlier post- I won’t mention names- that person with the 138 charges previously mentioned, is up for trial in the autumn. We’ll keep an eye on that.

  108. Thread is ruined now that Bock has been forced to redact the names. Isn’t there anywhere we can discuss these freaks somewhere without fear of upsetting the lawyers of these psycopaths? Reddit perhaps?

  109. Jason, June 18, 2015 asks if there isn’t somewhere else these matters could be discussed fearlessly. A previous poster ‘Justice for all’ April 6, 2013 said he’d love to create a survivor’s network and gave his aol email address. However, when I tried to send a message it failed as the email address had lapsed. As a mental health professional myself, I understand the benefits for survivors of childhood abuse to be able to speak about their experiences without adverse consequences.

  110. i attended sexton street primary school from 55 till 61 i lived in rathbane in that time somebody asked me a few years ago what was it like apart from being sexually and phiscally assualted it was great love to get in contact with former classmates my e.mail

  111. Hi Michael, good to hear from another Old CBS and Rathbaner like myself, though probably a few years ahead of me. Jimmy ‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald (who received an unfavourable mention as caretaker at Sexton St by a previous poster) and family lived around the corner from us, last house on the left Rathbane Rd at the entrance to the CBS sports grounds. I’ll email you. Slan go foill, Leon Nayr

  112. I went to st Senans CBS in the 80’s and remember one so called ‘brother’ he taught sixth class, he did not abuse me sexually but did so emotionally and seemed to particularly dislike me. I remember he liked to lean in to some boys from behind and enclose them in an embrace which looking back was inappropriate. He beat me around his office one day for something which I did do but did not do alone. I would like to confront this man as an adult and if nothing else question his motives and maybe gain some closure for myself, I was singled out unfairly by this man and ridiculed in front of the class more than once and I have always felt anger for how he made me feel. Is there a register of these brothers somewhere that I could look up? Probably shooting in the dark but its good that this site exists.

  113. Jaysus, looks like you hit on a raw nerve Bock
    I went to Sexton’s street in primary and secondary and apet for complete assholes and psychopaths especially that fucker Guthrie there were some ‘good guys’/and some great teachers especially Mr. Smith for English and layim and Br. Fagan for mayjs and science
    These men were brilliant but had to ‘cow toe’/to the sadists and right bastars that surrounded us. They helped but couldn’t protect us really as Knacker, Guthrie and their ilk ruled with the leather…… Wow those memories just flow back and I had to read all the posts above…..maybe we need a CB survivors club
    I’m rarely in Limerick.bit on line when I’m not away working in the ‘boondocks’. Hail well heroes of the CB schools

    Onwards always, never back but I’d still.kick one or two of them in the bollix if I met them…,.bastards.

    And.I’/snake the hand of the food ones. They made the difference. Thanks

  114. The court proceedings in November ended with that brother being found guilty of 30 charges out of 78,state counsel wasn’t too happy,as far I know they’re going back to court to review the case & see if they can increase the guilty verdict.
    He’s up again this month (jan) & next month (feb),I think.Keep an eye on the local Limerick media.
    God bless.

  115. Feel sorry for you guys like Basil to have had to suffer all that crap from people that were being paid to educate you. Complete cowards. I like Basil wish I could confront these people now. Not to hurt them (because that would be sinking to their level) but I’d just like to look them in the eye. Anyone ever bump into an old teacher and be surprised how small they are? I guess it’s because you remember them as giants.

    I’m not sure if you guys are familiar with a site called Reddit but it seems a place where anything can be discussed without censure. I’d love to talk with others who went to the Model but maybe not going back over things is the best way. I don’t know.

    God bless you guys who suffered and I will say a prayer for you.

  116. Jasus you poor feckers in Limerick seemed to have gotten the ‘inglurious bastards’ brigade of the CB’s. I served my time in a school in Dubbelin, and apart from the odd hand down yer pants we seemed to have survived.

  117. Hi there Bock,

    I went to Drimnagh Castle, left and moved to England in 89.

    I had the brother who I think is on trial at the moment, 138 counts, famous sporting brother. Is that the trial your talking about that’s happening at the moment. I can’t find details when I google.

    He was a nasty, nasty bastard. I suffered a couple of extreme beating from him, and also some abuse of the sexual nature. It fucked me up for years, properly messed with my head. To this day I still get flash backs of what that Bastard did.

    I’d love to look him in the eye just once. Just to show him that the sadistic acts he committed on a young and innocent boy didn’t ruin me, that I came through it.

    Do you know how I can keep an eye on it, seems articles from a couple of years ago mention his name, but nothing since 2013.

    Anyway, peace and respect to all who had to face such heinous acts from those who were supposed to play the role of guide and inspiration.


  118. is not the most user-friendly web site in the world, but if you filter the searches, you can follow particular cases, or at least the latest developments made public. I’m sure you’ll see a familiar name.

  119. If it’s on, why don’t you just say what the name is instead of giving people homework?

  120. Hi Noel, great to hear from you,you come from a lovely family. I remember your Mam n Dad.I lived up in Singland Crescent, my maiden is Geraldine (Jeddie) Ryan. I am still living in Limerick. I loved reading all the lads memories of CBS. It was sad to hear some of them!

  121. Regarding Baba’s comment;
    “Anyone remember a teacher called Prenderville in CBS sexton street. I think he was from Kilrush, Clare. He used to hammer shit out of lads for no reason other than he was a bully. What an utter cunt he was”

    I attended the primary & secondary school there, 1976 to 1985, and Prenderville “taught” me in 4th and 6th class.

    The most hellish of a beating was given by him, to a lad called Butler.
    Every second of that vicious beating can be re-called as if it happened only a moment ago.
    I could detail it here but tears are welling up as I type this.

    That was the end of teaching for him, in CBS Sexton Street that is.
    The next school day after that beating, Butler’s dad and uncle came into school and knocked 7 different forms of shit out of him.
    I saw them batter him outside in the landing and kicked him down the stairs.
    I can recall the cheers clearly and for every blow he received, I wish now, I could land some on him too.

    Of course CBS Sexton St., did have some nice teachers, but the Monday to Friday fear and dread has hindered my life, and still does to this day.

  122. St. Kieran CBS Limerick, early 80’s.
    Memories of a sadistic teacher I had in 5th and 6th class, —-. This guy was worst than any Christian brother I ever met. He was a man who got immense satisfaction from beating young lads senseless and physically attacking them. His preferred form of punishment was hitting guys in the center of the chest with a full-force closed fist dig. He would do this when your legs were sandwiched between your desk and your seat…that way you couldn’t move backwards and you’d feel the full force of the thumps. He had a list of names he would shout at young lads and kept telling lads them they were scum and worthless…it’s no wonder so many of them went off the rails later in life. Most days he would take one or two lads outside the main classroom to the cloakroom where they would get a private hiding. All you’d hear was him shouting, the young lads crying and their head being bashed off the partition. If a teacher was to do any of this today, they would be arrested, but this fella got off scot free. Not alone did he get off scot free, he actually got promoted to the job of school principal and later became the principal of the combined boys/girls school when St. Kieran’s was demolished…this is disgusting. I came across an article about him in the Limerick Leader a few years ago. It was about his upcoming retirement and was detailing his long and distinguished career. He was actually being put forward for a lifetime achievement award..what a joke. His career was distinguished alright, distinguished in the way he brutally treated young lads. He should be ashamed of himself. The same article in the newspaper mentioned that he had overcome cancer and although I wouldn’t wish cancer onto anyone, in his case it’s almost justice being served for the misery he inflicted on so many. I still meet lads today who are traumatized by the memories of this man, after 35yrs!
    I met one of my schoolmates homeless and begging on the street in Limerick and another one of them committed suicide a few years back. I can’t say it was —– who was responsible for the way these two lads ended up but I do know if your told by a grown man every week for two years that you’re worthless and that you’re scum, soon enough you will begin to believe it. I regret the fact that bringing this to light will cause some pain and embarrassment for the family of —–, but this is nothing compared to the pain and suffering he inflicted on so many. These young lads deserve and apology for the way in which they were treated.
    Another teacher in St. Kieran’s, Brother —– was also one that should be named and shamed. Thank God, I never had any direct ‘contact’ with him but I saw the way he was touching up young lads in the school. On cold mornings, he would help young lads warm their hands by putting their hands down his pants. He did music lessons with lads in his office, but there was no music coming from the flute he was playing with!

  123. This article names a teacher because it’s based on personal experience and I take personal responsibility for its accuracy. However, I’m not in a position to stand over the details described in this comment and therefore the teacher’s name has been removed.

  124. From primary through secondary you ran a Russian roulette gauntlet where if you were not targeted by a teacher you certainly witnessed anything from a verbal lashing, typically out of proportion to the issue to a punch, slap or outright sustained batter of a minor by an adult. I went through St Senan’s & CBS Sexton St in the 70’s and 80’s respectively.

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