Another Shit Performance From Irish Rugby Team

Ireland struggled to beat the worst Italian team in years, managing in the end to scrape a 16-11 victory thanks to three missed kicks by Bortolussi.

Maybe we should just shut up shop now and go home before we have to witness total humiliation at the hands of France, England, Wales, and Scotland. Or maybe a deal could be done, and the Boys in Red might become the Boys in Green for a couple of months.

Maybe we could have Eddie O Sullivan kicked out on his arse and Declan Kidney brought in as a caretaker manager until we can find a coach who has a bit of respect for his players. Unlike Eddie.

A coach who isn’t a complete control freak, unlike Eddie.

Someone who’s able to tolerate disagreement, unlike Eddie.

Someone who doesn’t keep the players in constant fear of losing money, unlike Eddie.

Someone who’s able to adapt to changing circumstances, unlike Eddie.

We’ve watched this man drain the spirit out of a team packed with world-class players, turning them into the imagination-free robots who trudged their way through a miserable World Cup when, on paper, they might have won the goddam thing.

How different from Munster’s dismissal of Wasps only two weeks ago, though Eddie’s team has many of the same people in it.

How far we’ve sunk from the optimism of Croke Park last year when we played England.

How much further will we have to sink before this man is forced to go? Before he destroys Irish rugby for a generation.


UPDATE: Warren Gatland’s Wales beat England 26-19 in Twickenham. The first time in 20 years that England have lost to Wales at home.  The last time this happened, England’s talented young outhalf, Danny Cipriani, was three months old.

Gatland, a New Zealander, is the former Ireland manager, disgracefully shafted by Eddie O Sullivan who wanted — and got — his job.

He was also manager of Wasps when they shattered Munster’s Heineken Cup hopes at Lansdowne Road by coming back in the last ten minutes to beat us. He made my little boy cry, the bastard.


All right. He made us both cry.

10 thoughts on “Another Shit Performance From Irish Rugby Team

  1. Why not do a warren gatland and just pick most of the munster team to represent Ireland?

  2. Collywobbles: Isn’t that what I just said? And don’t forget, Gatland is the man Eddie knifed in the back to get the Ireland job.

    John: Yeah, but it isn’t really analysis. Just ranting. Who’s going to listen?

  3. I’m listening. I watched the game and was pretty disgusted. Is there no way to get O’Sullivan out? (I suppose it would involve paying him a fortune?)

  4. Honest to God, Bock, swear on your sword, cross your heart and hope to die, truthfully now, do you give a flying fuck about the Oirish team? Really, no shit, examine your stuff that likes stuff, and is there anything about the D4ness, the smug Tom McGuirkness, the boorish Hookness or the Eddie weasleness that rocks your fucking boat? Rhetorical question and apologies now for my cuckoo in the warm bocknest rant. I loathe and detest anything to do with the cynical valley of tears which that Oirish team has become. Shelbourne Park they are not nor Pa Healy’s field, not the back or front pitch in Thomand Park, not Greenfields nor the canal bank. Not Kilfeacle, Ennis, Bruff or Tralee, in short they are so far removed from a team, from what a rugby team should be. They are the playthings of the Donnybrook and IT mandarin class.

  5. Hard to disagree with that, Sniffle. I’m just praying none of the Munster players get injured playing for De Dagger O’Sullivan’s selection. Roll on Paris – the unfurling of the IRFU Carpet, Dustin Coulter’s ditty and the bucket of clichés from Eddie after the inevitable.

  6. Ireland are a third tier rugby nation at best , so they should leave the six nations and world cup etc to the big boys.

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