Bad News: Jerry Flannery Suspension Reduced


Flannery’s appeal was successful.

Isn’t that a bastard, after I had it all figured out? Jerry was suspended for eight weeks, keeping him safely away from any injury in the Six Nations, but back in time for two Magner’s League matches to get him nicely match-fit in time for the Gloucester game. What could be better?


But look now what’s happened.

An appeals committee have decided that Jerry didn’t deliberately stamp on Julien Bonnaire. He was reckless, they said, and reduced his suspension to four weeks.

This is terrible news. What if Jerry gets injured playing for the Stepford Fifteen? Where does that leave Munster?

Message to appeals committee: You’re wrong. It was a vicious assault. I saw it myself on the telly.

3 thoughts on “Bad News: Jerry Flannery Suspension Reduced

  1. No need for Mystic Bob, sure as fuck he’ll pick up an injury with that IRFU selection. (I don’t refer to them much as Ireland anymore, flag/anthem/performance/Eddie hang-up)

    Appeal the appeal…Justice for Julien Bonnaire!
    I want Mrs. Sarkozy to take this up at the highest level.

  2. Definitely, it was a callous and heartless attack on Bonnaire – he was completely unable to defend himself.

    As far as I can remember Jerry held down Bonnaire by the arms and legs and viciously raked him multiple times with his studs, laughed, said he was no better than a mediocre soccer player, and then proceeded to taunt the rest of the Clermont team a la Monty Python.

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