Blog Awards Even Shorter Shortlists Out at Last

Well that’s a relief. I was beginning to worry that I’d wasted €18 in the charity shop buying that jacket, shirt and worn-but-comfortable pair of secondhand shoes.

Bock, much to my surprise, seems to have survived the shredding and remains in the two shortlists: Best Blog and Most Humorous Post, though for the life of me I can’t see why they’d want an aggressive old drunk like me coming to the party and causing an ugly scene.


[Note to self: Too nice to people lately. Consume more drink, urgently!]

Anyway, here’s a few final lists I lifted from Mulley’s site.

Best Blog

Best Photo Blog

Best Blog Post

Most Humorous Post

8 thoughts on “Blog Awards Even Shorter Shortlists Out at Last

  1. Good Luck Bock..
    And also to Cheebah..
    I mean well for all the blogs that are nominated but ye are the 2 that i’ve been checking out the longest..
    Just for Gods sake dont make a show of us and make it to the podium sober…

  2. Just make sure to go over the time limit with the acceptance speech. Deliberate slurring of words shouldn’t prove a problem and be seen as an advantage by any self-respecting judge half langered up at the counter.

    “….and the winner of the John Waters Memorial / Olo Cup Best Blog of Da year is………

    Good luck Bock.

  3. Good Luck Bock —- I bet it’ll be a lot more dignified than the Film Oscars where at the end people’s arms are so tired from glad-handing or back-stabbing! And remember it’s not the winning that’s important it’s the ……. !

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