Bock is Two Today

Guess what?  It’s two years since I started writing this shite.

Two years, 957 posts, 296851 words and no-one any the wiser.

I don’t know how you put up with this.

35 replies on “Bock is Two Today”

Savannah: You’re too kind.

Gimme: I don’t know if it would be a promise or a threat if I said I’d write more.

Artyeva: Yeah. Things are sure to turn a lot uglier.

Brian: Thanks. That’s praise indeed when it comes from a man who may well not agree with a single word I’ve ever written.

Sandra: Thanks kindly.

Famtacyamta: There’ll be days like that.

Many happy returns to you, sweetie-pie. Many many of these happy suckers. Blogland is the richer for you so keep on truckin’, mister!

I’m about to have a wee night-night Baileys and I shall toast you as I do.

… and here’s a joke from Bock two years ago …. almost.

This pig walks around a corner and bumps into a greyhound.

“Oh God, I’m very sorry.”

“Not at all. It’s my fault. Here, let me help you up.”

“Thanks. That’s grand.”

“Wait a minute,” says the pig. “Don’t I know you? No. No. Don’t tell me now. Let me guess. You’re skinny, but you’re fit-looking, and you have that long pointy nose, and I’d say you could run like fuck. I’m guessing you’re a dog – no, let me think – are you by any chance a greyhound?”

“Well by God,” say the greyhound, “that’s fuckin brilliant. Let me have a go. Let’s see now. You’re sort of roundy and sort of bristly, and you’re sort of fat and thick-looking and pink. Would you be Páidi O Sé?

Happy birthday, Bock, you’re a constant reminder of why I’m here and not over there. Cowardice, I know, but I’ve got to be somewhere and this gives me an excuse to read and keep up with the news and stay mad and have a bit of a laugh too.
fuck, this is getting a bit gay…
All meant in a manly way, of course…
Well done.

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