The Framing of Frank Shortt

Did anyone see the programme on RTE tonight about the activities of our disgraceful police force? A rabble. A bunch of indisciplined, corrupt thugs who attacked a night-club in Donegal, threatened and intimidated customers, smashed up furniture and vandalised the building. Animals who stripped some of the customers naked in public: casual sexual abuse and degradation. A crowd of liars and criminals — not a police force in any sense you might understand the term — who falsified evidence and perjured an innocent club-owner into prison, in the words of the judge who eventually freed him.

We are policed by a crowd of unprofessional, power-mad farm-labourers in uniform who continue to treat our citizens with boorish contempt.

This is what I wrote about it twelve months ago, and nothing has improved since.


March 23rd 2007

Did you ever hear of Frank Shortt?

Probably not, but I won’t be long telling you who he is.

Frank Shortt owned a bar in Donegal, and in 1995 he was convicted of allowing drugs to be sold on his premises. The bastard!!, you might say.


In its judgement last Wednesday, the Irish Supreme Court increased an earlier award to Frank Shortt for miscarriage of justice from â€1.93 million to â€4.5 million.

He was imprisoned, lost his business, his family and his health and was struck off as an accountant because Irish policemen lied to put him in jail. As Mr Justice Hardiman remarked in his judgement, Frank Shortt was perjured into prison by the Irish police.

This was one of the most damning judgements ever handed down by the Irish Supreme Court and continues a long line of disastrous investigations into the most inept and corrupt police force in Europe.

You only have to read the Morris report to see what these guys are like.

Here’s Mr Justice Morris, quoted in an earlier post:

The Tribunal has been staggered by the amount of indiscipline and insubordination it has found in the Garda force. There is a small, but disproportionately influential, core of mischief-making members who will not obey orders, who will not follow procedures, who will not tell the truth and who have no respect for their officers.

These are the people we pay to stand between us and the criminals. Maybe we should reconsider. Maybe we need to pay criminals to stand between us and the Guards. Maybe there isn’t any difference.


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12 thoughts on “The Framing of Frank Shortt

  1. I saw a small bit of that show – the incident was so horribly re-enacted (even by RTE’s standards) that my eyeballs began to burn so I had to switch it off.

    Anyway, we hardly need television to tell us that the Gardai are a pack of crooks, do we?

  2. Hmmm. Misunderstood… I am.

    I’m not saying RTE were wrong to cover it the story, the scheming cunts that did this deserve to be shamed into their grave.

    I was making a funny. Ha ha…


    *grabbing my coat*

  3. sounds something like that movie out at the moment with mark walberg. hmm lets see. we own the night. i liked him in boogie nights too.

  4. Saw most of it Bock and it was shocking but this has all been laid out for us by newspapers. I guess those re-enactments and it being told by Shortt himself makes it more real. In any case, we have a Garda Obmudsman now so all is well.

  5. 73man: I know, but it seems that no matter how much the papers write about it, people don’t read the reports. A re-enactment seems to grab people’s attention better, and the story is too important to remain hidden.

  6. I often frequented the Point Inn at the time of Franks arrest and subsequent jailing.I am over the moon at his total vindication of all charges .Pity it has taken so long.He tried to accomodate the gardai as best he could.He even held dealers in a room until the gards arrived.As i say, i am absolutely delighted for Frank and his family.

  7. A Garda in Wexford has been held on suspicion of advising criminals – just on suspicion mind you – but the Gardai already a few names of people who DID advise criminals. These bishops and archbishops who facilitated child abusing clergy! When can we expect to see these red hats being led away ?

  8. i was there too, went for years and those garda bastards violated every law known to man pulling girls knickers off infront of male gardai and forcing young men to drop their pants at the bar, why were they never prosecuted???? wheres the fucking justice man??

  9. sure whats the bloody point in lodging a complaint??doesnt the government know this?didnt they have tribunals over it? theres no justice to be had for the common man in ireland

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