Bock Leads Mainstream Media

What do the Irish Times, the Independent, RTE, the BBC, the Daily Mail, the Irish Examiner, the Guardian and Sky News have in common?

Will I tell you?

They all come behind Bock the Robber (at No 1) in searches for Josef Fritzl or Elisabeth Fritzl, with this post:

Josef Fritzl, Elisabeth Fritzl and Echoes of a Concentration Camp

This is nice to know, since most Irish bloggers, including me, have no resources at all, and no staff, unlike the MSM.

Maybe we should tell the Limerick Leader



15 thoughts on “Bock Leads Mainstream Media

  1. Nice one. I read your post yesterday and I found the comments about the concentration camp interesting. I didn’t see that mentioned anywhere else.

  2. When I started writing myself (after reading your post), I was googling about a bit, and you were fourth……woohooo!

  3. How does it happen Bock? How is your site ahead of everyone else, as in how is it done or recorded or whatever? I don’t understand the mysterious etherrealm that is the internet.

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