Bock’s Camera


6 thoughts on “Bock’s Camera

  1. Sam: I didn’t know I was taking that picture till I looked at it later. So much for inspiration.

    Medbh: That seems to be a significant portion of the Roma life, or at least, the part of it we see.

  2. this woman covers her mouth because all her teeth are gold!!!
    how do you think they got over here?? honestly they are not short of a bob and it drives me crazy, call me a horrific person if you will, but all I do it tell the truth, they come here with money, they have gold teeth, rent allowance, phone allowance, medical and transport allowance, and in their spare time they beg! thats not because they are poor and need it, its because they are greedy! simple as…. yes I am a bitch at the moment, get over it!

    Bock, crackin shot BTW :)

  3. Lette: you’re right. That particular woman cancelled the shakes when I produced the camera, got up and strode off.

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