Eolaí’s Paintings Now On Sale

Eolaí finally got his gallery organised and he has paintings on sale for two weeks only at hugely reduced prices .

Here’s the intro and here’s the gallery.

Eolaí­’s offering free shipping worldwide, and the paintings are great value for money.

This one, for example, is painted on a panel, and Eolaí­ will ship it straight to your door for only US$85, which converts to about €55, including shipping.

He’s giving them away.

(By the way, I just bought this one).

Incidentally, this is Bock’s 1000th post.

8 thoughts on “Eolaí’s Paintings Now On Sale

  1. Cheers Bock – and sorry about the false start earlier.

    Now all I need is a nice little house on a island somewhere where I can resume painting.

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