Mainstream Media Follow Bock’s Lead

I see the Irish Sun have an exclusive today.

It’s all about Jane Stone’s revelations regarding Andrew Hanlon’s killing, which I wrote about in this post the day before yesterday.  Come to think of it, I did happen to notice somebody from News International visiting here yesterday.

I understand that, following their visit here, the reporter phoned Jane to confirm the story, but oddly enough, the quotes in the Sun bear a remarkable resemblance to those I published on Tuesday.

Needless to say, there’s no mention of Bock in the article but I suppose I should be flattered that an organisation with Rupert Murdoch’s vast resources at its command should take the lead from a harmless old blogger in Limerick.


Meanwhile, events are unfolding fast in Silverton, and I’ll bring you the information as I get it, or alternatively, you can read it in the Sun if you’re prepared to wait a couple of days.


UPDATE 18th July

I see Associated Newspapers have been visiting today.

I wonder if we can expect to see material from this site appearing on the Irish Mail on Sunday?  Let’s keep an eye out.

I notice News International  are reading the AJ Hanlon reports again too.  In fact, they’re on right now, and they’ve been going through them for the last two hours.  It’ll be interesting to see what they steal.

10 thoughts on “Mainstream Media Follow Bock’s Lead

  1. Ah now Julio, low and all as Journalists can get, we’d need to plumb new depths to reach The Oirish Sun Begorrah’s! level.

    In any case there’s an embargo on that particular rag using words with over 8 characters or photos of any creature with three nipples, so little surprise that “acknowledgement” or “lifted-from-Bock” wouldn’t feature in the article.

  2. Pilfering bastards. It’ll keep happening Bock, you’re becoming The Daily Show as a source of news for a lot of people. You’re a big hit in at least one office I know of. We’ll keep our eyes peeled.
    The AJ story makes me sick. Poor guy and my condolences to the family.

  3. This is outrageous, Bock. They can’t be allowed to get away with such unaccredited pilfering like this. I expect very little from the Sun but I still expected common journalistic courtesy in citing sources.

  4. pcb: There doesn’t seem to be any such thing. There’s been rafts of this recently. UnaRocks had her bit of Eamon Ryan fluff lifted by the Mirror, and they both lifted my Ryanshop jobs without credit. Sure they don’t even put chips in them anymore.

  5. Poor Bock, not to be cited in such an elegant rag as the Sun. Such a shame your name doesn’t appear in the same newspaper that brings us cutting-edge stories such as:

    BB Bare Bum
    LATEST: BUSTY nursery nurse flashes the flesh again while dressed in a bin liner


    Naomi Campbell snogs a lizard

    I agree, send these cretins an invoice. They boil my blood.

  6. Journalists are not to be trusted whatsoever.

    Follow Prunly’s advice and invoice them, a blogger in the UK did just that last year when a paper plaigiarised his work. They didn’t pay, so he took them to court and he won.

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