Joe Browne on the Internet

I bumped into Joe last week and he said to me, Hey Bock, when are you going to put me on the internet?

What could I say?  I’ve made a complete shit of every recording I ever attempted.

Joe, I said, I’ll do it just as soon as I can figure out how to record music properly, because I’m no good at it.

But luckily, my colleague is much better at it then I am, and he handed me a little memory stick with this on it, so here ya go: Joe Browne and friends, now on the internet, recorded in Dolans of Limerick a few months ago.


16 thoughts on “Joe Browne on the Internet

  1. I remember slow sets in Cheers on Catherine St, Joe’s daughter Sam belting out ‘Stop’ and me dancing (ie lying up against) some trendy young wan from the art college. Aah, such times. Joe never was a looker like his daughter.

  2. ah slow sets in Cheers when I was in art college…those were the days my friend… what do tha young wans have to look forward to now – epilepsy inducing strobe lights and thumping bass? ick… ick ick ick ick ick…

  3. Fuck me. Joe Browne on the Interweb…I’ve seen it all, who needs colliding isotopes to finish us off ! How the fuck will we fit his head in through Jerry Flannery’s door now that International fame has come his way. Stay out on the veranda Joe, have it brought to you.

    (Nick – sorry for being pedantic but Joe’s daughters’ name is Dawn, and yep, she beats him – and a million more of us – out the door in the looks dept.)

    Anyway ,keep on fuckin ’em off Joe, you Dawg. Up The Road !

  4. Great capture Bock, It’s not a matter of Joe on the www – for years Joe WAS the www. I remember him singing ‘Spanish is a loving tongue’ in Slattery’s in Kildimo with Rolph on the fretless bass – fantastic players and entertainers.


  5. Yeah Nick, you’re mixin’ up your Brownes. There is a Sam Brown who had a hit with Stop, she used to sing with the Jules Holland orch. for a while. But yeah, Dawn was a little cutie!

  6. Yeah. Mea culpa on the Browne girls mixup. (That’s almost a tempting lead-in to your recent ‘I’m a racialist but…’ post, Bock, but I’m letting that one lie…)
    Just to complete the JB confusion, I think Sam Browne’s dad was a Joe too. Except of the cockernee persuasion. Other than that, a couple of regular Joes.

  7. Brilliant,it is years since i have seen them,good as ever.
    I used to go and see them play on Sunday afternoons 20 year or more back in the Parkway Pub…in this video with him is who played with him back then…(missing is Ray Fean )I don’t know this drummer.
    Dave Keary to the left ,Rolf Lindheim bass???(ex tuesday blue).

    The Brown Brothers were big in the late 60’s 70’s in limerick…Joe ,John (I know well) and Willie.
    Well done Bock.Great stuff brings back the real good times.

  8. Tipp, those Parkway sessions used to be fantastic, they also had a great line up doing a Country-Rock Revue in Quin’s on Ellen Street preceding that with Joe, Dave Keary and The O’Malleys (Brian Mul, Peter Donnelly, ….Ger Costelloe?….), think John Browne played a few times and Dawn did a few songs. With just about anyone who felt like jamming along. Packed the place out, if memory serves there was Brownes’ re-union on one (or more) nights…open to correction here…when Willie joined in. Or did that happen in the Parkway ?

    btw, That definitely looks like Rolf in the video clip.

  9. Sunday afternoons “the Granery” The Brownes,Ernie Touhy(R.I.P.)Pat McGrath,JohnO’Grady,Murt Walsh,Tuesday Blue boys Ralf, Ray and Dave, Dawn Brown real good raw Country at it’s best let’s hear it again great people who loved what they did.

  10. Nice to know Ernie is still remembered by his friends. He died 23 years ago on the 10th of February 1992 R.I.P. He loved the Limerick music scene.

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