Limerick Pictures Saturday Morning

I’m so predictable.

More pics below the fold.

12 thoughts on “Limerick Pictures Saturday Morning

  1. I’d love a lump of that spit roast right now with a plate of garlic spuds and salad. Been tiling incomplete new kitchen all day and just snacking around my dirty grouty hands. Just got cleaned up and I’m so dying for some good decent tasty food.

  2. Where would we be without the wonderful & traditional Sunday market? You took some superb photies that bring it even more so to life.
    Has the continental market come to Limerick yet Bock? We attended the one in Callender last month, it was a pleasure to see so much produce from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and even Israel amongst the stalls.

    Not one item of tat or cheap shite amongst the lot.. it was purely food orientated and was a huge success.

  3. cool photos – especially the two laughing women at the back of the bun van.

    was that a pig on the spit?

    hungry now….

  4. I love that ‘vegetarian’ sushi sign! It is opposite the forbidden foods stall which sells very tasty vegetarian fare. The sushi is great value just there must be a slightly different definition of veggie in Korea as each piece contains some crab claw :-)

    You must have been nice and early, when I set out a little after midday, it was raining. Again.

  5. Paralaxco — I hope you got fed by now.

    Tippryan — Thanks

    Bollix — There’s a French market that comes every year, but in my opinion it’s overpriced. The produce at the farmers’market here is just as good, if perhaps a little rough and ready compared to the presentation of the French traders.

    Andrew — It sure is.

    Artyeva — That certainly was a pig on a spit. I must try some next week and let you know what it’s like.

    Shane — Early for me on a Saturday morning. It was about 10:30.

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