Mary Harney’s Hairdo

I don’t believe anyone thought $410 would improve Mary Harney’s appearance.

I just don’t believe it.


Mary Harney?

Come on, gimme a break.




(By the way, would somebody please tell Enda Kenny, the leader of the alternative muppet party, that “prolifigate” is not a word). 


I’m bored.  Here are some anagrams of “Mary Harney”

Hyena Marry

A Yarn Rhyme

Hymen Array

Harry Meany

Aryan Rhyme


26 thoughts on “Mary Harney’s Hairdo

  1. I can see Catherine Zeta-Jones playing her in the biopic. After putting on 16 stone, like De Niro in Raging Bull.

    Raging Cow, that’s be a good title.

  2. I have real problems with anyone – man or woman – in the public eye being criticised for their looks. It perpetuates the ugly idea of body beautiful in order to be professionally succesfull. This is a disgusting myth that we don’t need to be accepted if we want our society to get our kids to understand that it’s what you do in life that matters, not what you look like.

    But hey – it’s Mary Harney… Are you kidding?????? It’d take a helluva lot more that €410 – say €410,000???? :-D

  3. give the woman a break, its too easy picking on mary harney over her looks, is this a cyper playground where we pick on the fact ugly kid

  4. @ the law – I’ll have you know I’ve never written a word against Sile DeValera, and you should hear how she was referred to (by so-called colleagues) in her days as a Minister. It’s Harney’s politics, not her figure, that make her a target.

  5. – the law
    you may be right. There’s more than enough issues to critise her for without getting personal about her appearance. We don’t pay her to look well, which makes it all the more infuriating that she and Molloy’s wife decided to use taxpayers money to do it. I don’t think anyone really cares what she looks like but she brought it on herself.
    I doubt she’ll give the money back so we may as well try and get our money’s worth and knock a bit of craic out of it.

  6. In July 2004 Ms Harney was attending the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Fás and the Kennedy Space Centre as part of the successful Science Challenge programme initiated by Fás.”

    See, see, memos and understanding stuff, programme initiations in the Space Centre (like you see on Discovery) and success too.

    She ate the Challenger though……..

  7. HEY!!!! I’m fat and ugly!!!

    I wouldn’t spend €410 on a hairdo though.

    I usually lie down in front of a tractor mower and hope for the best…

  8. Mary could be the invisible woman for all I care….incompetence is incompetence. How long does it take, in Marys line of work before you can become a success. Our Mary and we did put her there just doesn’t have the skills.

  9. Memorandum of Understanding:

    This indenture hereby witnesseth that Fas, hereinafter referred to as the Paddies, and NASA, hereinafter referred to as the Yanks, do hereby record for all time a memorandum of understanding whereby it is agreed and understood that:
    Insofar as it refers to the Paddies – we’re here to fiddle our expenses, get our hair done, flute and fart in the Government jet, cosy up to the Minister who is supposed to be monitoring us, train apprentice fitters for Ireland’s Space Programme and play a bit of golf:
    and Insofar as it refers to the Yanks: that the foregoing is understood:

    In witness wherefor we have hereunto affixed our respective seals and affirmed same by our signatures:

    Lotsa Yanks
    Rody Molloy.


  10. This is just a rumour at the moment but i hear Mary Harney has been using the transatlantic flights for drug smuggling. It seems she bent over and someone saw 50 kilos of crack

  11. Whatever about the hair-do the really worrying thing is that if she doesn’t see anything wrong with FAS (and it was her responsibility back then) what are the chances of similar wanton waste going on in the HSE ??

  12. ok, im not too sure, but she did pay $410 for a wash and blow dry. now i’m assuming she was staying in a hotel, and most hotels i’ve been in supply soap, shampoo, towels and in the really good hotels a hair drier. all for free! why did she not use these? can she not wash her own hair and dry it? had bertie been in the room before hand and robbed all the free gear? while $410 is a bit much to shell out for a hair do, im more shocked by the $910 tip left after a meal. not sure if mary was at the table that day, but they spent $90 on a bottle of wine, so wine and a tip cost us a grand. becomes a little bit easier to see how FAS cost 20million a week to run

  13. From what I can establish talking to people who met him, Rody Molloy is an overbearing bollocks in the Ray Burke style. An absolute swine who is unable to imagine being in the wrong, and also a thoroughly stupid man, if his TV and radio interviews are anything to go by.

    All in all, the very person to put in charge of a billion-euro budget, wouldn’t you think?

  14. Mary was the leader of the party that called itself the watchdog of FF. She has told us we can’t afford lifesaving screening for our young girls, she chased Bupa out of the country on a personel whim. Our diabetic care is third world. We can’t or couldn’t afford to send 5 ministers on €40000 trips.

  15. €410. Unbelievable.

    To even make a dent in it, we’d need a US Fed-style, 10% of GDP investment. And even then, no one would go near her. She’s possibly one of the most hated women in this country.

    Still; a wank’s a wank.

  16. She probably had to pay top dollar for someone to chance washing her hair on top of that repulsive fat head.How much does she pay someone to clean out her cage I wonder.The amount of garbage she shovels down her stomach churning face must leave a steming mess on explosive exit. The HEALTH MINISTER………

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