Mumbai / Bombay Attacks

01:45 am.

What the hell is going on in Bombay?  There are homicidal lunatics roaming the streets killing people and it looks like another bunch of Islamic maniacs have lost the plot.

At least eighty people have been murdered and this figure will probably rise by morning.  The place is going mad. 

I have very little information right now, so I’ll just give you these links and you can follow events as they develop.

This is a LINK to Google maps showing the location of the attacks.

You can find live blogs HERE.

Here’s Wikipedia as it gets updated.

This is a Flickr site with pictures as the attack happens.

Here’s Reuters and al Jazeera.

Twitter gives the latest:



Mumbai feed

This  could become an awful lot worse as the night goes on.  The situation is not under control.  The attackers, armed with guns and bombs, have taken hostages in the Taj Mahal and Oberoi Trident hotels and the police don’t yet seem to know exactly what they’re dealing with.


The number of dead has risen to 100 and injured to 300.  Hostages have been freed from one of the hotels, the Taj, but not from the other.

Al Jazeera



They’re now reporting that people are still trapped in both hotels and that room-to-room fighting is going on between the attackers and Indian special forces.  125 reported killed.


Two days later

They’re still shooting it out at the Taj Hotel.  Five or six gunmen are inside and shooting at the police.  Meanwhile, five hostages have been murdered in the Jewish centre.

This is the third night of the assault and India is an advanced country with all sorts of resources, yet a dozen men seem capable of holding all those vast resources at bay. 

16 thoughts on “Mumbai / Bombay Attacks

  1. was watching on the news tonight…looks pretty bad. They were singling out westerners, specifically American and British. They were asking people what nationality they were.
    And here I was just watching Queen Raina of Jordan on YouTube. She has a good message, but apparently, not everyone is tuning in. :(

  2. the seemingly crazy situation in mumbai did not descend into homicidal mania overnight or out of the blue, mumbai is the epi centre of finance, technology, tourism, and film making in india, there has been internal turmoil, especially since earlier this year, when raj thakary, leader of mns, a regional party took drastic steps toward north indians in the city, he called for them to be driven from mumbai and an incident in feb 2008 where many of these people were manhandled and beaten by his supposed “henchmen” was watched by police, who apparantly did not intervene, these north indians living in mumbai would be primarily street vendors and taxi drivers.
    raj thakery was brought to court several times, found guilty of inciting violence, released on bail, the victimisation continued.
    mumbai is a massive city, app 170 sq mls, its general area would have a population of about 20 million, it is extremly diverse and disparate, housing the super rich and also the biggest slum in asia.
    it is a city, rich in history and a seat of global education, but also very extreme poverty and deprivation.
    the people claiming responsibility for latest attacks are calling themselves the “deccan mujahideen” roughly translated means “south strugglers”
    if you thought the situation here seems hopeless and confused and possibly corrupt and careless, just imagine what it is like there.
    also, there are many different languages/dialects in the area, which makes people very indentifiable to their origins.
    i never condone violence, but i try to understand the source from which it emanates.
    i have a fascination with many parts of the planet we inhabit but south india in particular, i have found it’s not so different from ireland.

  3. Hi stleger norma,

    Thanks for the information, very interesting.

    wise words… “i never condone violence, but i try to understand the source from which it emanates.”

    it would be better to speak, understand differences, and make peace but unfortunately history shows us that human nature does not always allow for this.

    “Know your enemy…”
    -Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

  4. stleger norma, just as I was watching it unfold on the news, that thought struck me. It didn’t come out of the blue and as you pointed out, there are reasons. Like you I do not condone violence but there is necessity to route out the why. When the Indian government put it out that these are unprovoked acts and coming from outside influences!!! I worry.

  5. There are rarely if ever ‘unprovoked’ attacks of this nature.

    USA unmanned drones firing missiles in Pakistan (without the consent of Pakistan’s govm’t) killing local tribespeople indiscrimately in their efforts to kill the odd Taleban member, in the border area with Afghanistan, wasn’t much condemned around these parts, was it? Makes me sick.

    And there wasn’t minute by minute coverage of the aftermath, like there is no minute by minute coverage of almost daily bombings in Iraq. Western lives count for more, dontcha know. White lives count for more. Christian lives count for more.

    I texted Sky News and told them their US/UK-centricity was a joke.

    I agree with stleger norma – again.

  6. I think most of the people killed in Bombay were Indian and probably not Christian, but it’s true there’s little coverage of the daily murders in Iraq and none at all of the bombings in the tribal areas.

  7. we are all subject to the vagaries of news coverage and the very powerful social media, it is unlikely that the name “raj thakary” will even be mentioned in news coverage in the coming months.
    what i wrote earlier is very much a “bare bones” picture, and of course the attacks are seen as “unprovoked” because basically thats what they are in global perception, the areas of mumbai and chennai are extremly complex, the links from incident to incident will not be joined.
    i’m sure there are many reasons the coverage in iraq and afghanistan no longer recieve daily coverage, but apparantly barack obama has promised more troops for afghanistan, where incidentally it is reported 90% of the worlds heroine is being exported from.
    In iraq, the press focus on the “awakening council”, who were initially formed to pay former sunni insurgents not to kill americans and iraquis, but to join the “ac” and be ready to crush any reanimation of the shiit mahdi army.
    politics are frozen in iraq, but there is now a mountain of oil money which ultimatly will lead to further bloodshed.
    on the positive side, of app 5 million people who fled their homes, statistics claim one sixth have returned.
    it is also claimed that many ex militia have returned to more normal lives.
    one book i would highly recommend is “the great war for civilisation” by robert fisk….but it did take me a year to read it

  8. That’s a great book. It’s on the shelf in front of me as we speak. I also recommend Fisk’s Pity the Nation and Fiasco by Thomas E Ricks. While you’re at it, have a read of Heroes by Jon Pilger.

    In the fiction department, you could do worse than to read Midnight’s Children and Shame by Salman Rushdie.

  9. As regards Afghanistans heroin production, it is very interesting note the figures before and after american invasion. The Taliban had cut the production to the point where it was at 20%.
    Now it could be argued that rebels are growing it again to finance arms buying but let us not forget the CIA’s record in counties of drug production. Remember Contras or the ‘air america’ situation in Vietnam where the CIA was actually funding the Viet Cong through drugs buys. The CIA is intricatly linked to Afghanistan because of it’s support of Bin Laden and the mujahideen during the Russian occupation. Hell, the word Al Qaida is arabic for ‘the base’ or the CIA database containing the information on mujahideen trained by the CIA (including Bin Laden).

    On the subject of books, might I recomend John Perkins Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. After reading it, I say the Corrib gasline in a completly new light. I understood how we managed to give away the kitchen sink and perhaps the why aswell.

  10. I love the ‘kill us we deserve it’ attitude of Westerners nowadays. Its political correctness gone mad.

  11. “I love the ‘kill us we deserve it’ attitude”

    Don’t be ridiculous.

  12. How am I being ridiculous? Half the guys posting here are shoving out excuses for the terrorists to attack Westerners and Jews.

    That is a ‘kill us, we deserve it’ attitude.

  13. randian, i think you might need to take a raincheck on your perceptions here, or else reread all the posts, or possibly aquaint yourself with what is happening in the world.
    i definitly never mentioned “westerners” or “jews” extremism and fanatacism is not exclusive to any race or religion

  14. and I was talking about English-language media and how one situation is described as “horrific”, and deaths somewhere else are barely mentioned. I didn’t mention Jews either.

    What’s more, understanding the background to something is not the same as justifying murder – no matter which side is committing it.

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