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After I posted this, Mary sent me a few nice pics including one of the Schindler factory.

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  1. comforting to see nuns look the same all over Europe. If she wasn’t wearing a habit, I’d swear she was up to no good!

  2. Nuns in fleeces. D’you reckon she was touristing herself out from County Clare? That’s as Irish as a packet of Oxtail soup. I miss my Mammy now.

  3. Just loved the photographs – as always evocotive. The piano – my much loved grand father was a piano tuner and I went out with him to customers for years – on the bus before he learned to drive!! The ‘sculputure’ of the well endowed jazz singer on the landing – a bygone era. The nun – they don’t wear the habit so much in Ireland these days. The shapely lady – suspect just for your enjoyment!! And wooden kitchen bits and bobs – how lovely! Thank you again for a unique insight into another country.

  4. Bock, your pictures are great. You take unique pictures. I loved all of them. The first picture will you explain that one please? Thanks, Bock for posting your pictures.

  5. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s a sculpture called ‘Eros Bendato’ (Eros Bandaged) by Igor Mitoraj.

    You can climb into it and look out through the eyes, or if you prefer, you can shout and listen to the echo. You can also lie down sideways and rtell it jokes, but it doesn’t laugh out loud. It chuckles quietly to itself.

  6. Bock, that does pretty much explain it. Thanks. I love Mary’s pictures also. Thanks for posting them. The factory, very moving. But I love the picture with all of the hanging glass plates. The colors, Poland seems to be a country of color, and extremes. As most countries are, but perhaps Poland’s colors seem more vivid because of all of the sadness and pain it has endured. Thanks again, Bock.

  7. Great eye for the unusual Bock, well done again.

    Have to ask, what were they selling from that giant barrel? I’d have thought some kind of liquor but it seems a bit sparsely supported to suggest mulled wine or vodka being sold. Though I live in hope.

    Maybe it’s the Krakow equivalent of the White House Poetry Circle.

  8. BSB, it’s when the poets of the White House Bar on O’Connell St. gather every wednesday and, I must presume, form a circle and sometimes play “O’Grady Says”

  9. You’re welcome BSB.

    Bock, I’ve seen (and unfortunately heard) them – Barney and Friends are that and more -worse still if you’re caught to pay the inflated WH tariff for drinks when the Vicious Circle take over the front of house and “sssssssssshhh!” everyone. Just as if they’re about to kick at goal out in Thomond Pk. instead of bore the bollix out of you.

    Sorry for thread diversion. Now back to Krakow everyone.

  10. This is a loose thread. Pull it if you want.

    I would not be found dead in that establishment on a Wednesday night, but you just reminded me. I had threatened to write a poem about the Celtic Tiger. Goujons Me Bollix, I was planning to call it.

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