Munster Fans Missing

I dont know where my people are.

A gang of likely lads headed off to Girona last Wednesday and I havent heard a word from them since. They were planning to pick up a car and head north, stopping in Andorra for a couple of days to do a bit of skiing.; That was the main reason I dropped out, even though my flight was booked and everything.;

I have no interest in skiing.; Could you imagine me tottering around on the nursery slopes, grunting at people who tried to help me.; Fuck off you miserable Andorra-type bastard person!; Not for me this skiing business.

Of course, as you know, my decision turned out to be prescient indeed, since all of northern Spain and southern France were attacked by a goddam hurricane yesterday, forcing the postponement of the match.; I presume that such storms are no respecters of tiny Pyrenean principalities, and therefore it only seems logical that Andorra had the shit blown out of it too.

So heres the question: where are the lads?; Did they get blown off a mountain? During todays match, I received not even a single text, despite Munsters rampaging 39-13 dispatch of Montauban.; This is unusual.; Normally you cant shut them up, and now Im worried.

Where are the muck-savages?; Did they make it to Montauban at all?; Did they see the match?; Do they even know we have Ospreys in Thomond Park for the quarter final?

If youre reading this in south-western France or northern Spain in the Toulouse – Barcelona region, would you keep an eye out for a bunch of rough-looking customers, unshaven, beer-headed and wearing slept-in Munster rugby shirts?

I think we might have mislaid our troops.

5 thoughts on “Munster Fans Missing

  1. I am sorry for laughing out loud right now, but you have a way of turning something so miserable to something really comical…

    I am imagining these rough looking half drunk, rugby t-shirt wearing Irish lads, with grunts on their faces… Scary as hell yet soft and cute as a teddy bears…

    This is my imagination going wild on a boring Sunday night… :)

  2. The news is good, Mr Bastard. Not half an hour ago, I spoke to one of the survivors, and I hope to post an update shortly.

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