You might want to …

Does that phrase annoy you as much as it annoys me?

You might want to check your mail.

You might want to get that tail-light fixed, buddy.

You might want to back up a little there.

Oh might I now?  And what makes you think I might want to do any of that, you smarmy two-faced fuck?  Why can’t you have the balls to tell me straight out?  Check your mail.  Fix that light.  Back up.

You miserable creeping jesus.  I bet you keep a fish in your trouser pocket, specially for shaking hands with.

You might want to fuck off.

11 thoughts on “You might want to …

  1. As you know, my favourite is “I think you’ll find…,” which cannot be said in anything other than a condescending, passive-aggressive tone.

  2. I like to say “You might do such and such…”

    I find it’s both smug and vaguely threatening. It’s only perfect so it is. You might make a note of it.

  3. I love you… let’s get married (and be happy for the rest of our lives).

    Do we have a winner…?

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