Japanese Finance Minister Drunk

Let me ask you a question.  This is the Japanese finance minister,Shoichi Nakagawa, at a G7 news conference. 

What do you think?  Is this man drunk?

Folks, when a senior Japanese politician stops caring about losing face, there’s something seriously wrong in the world.




Immediately, M. le Craic comes back with this video of Sarkozy shit-faced drunk at a G7 conference after meeting Putin.  But at least Sarkozy has the guts to admit he’s hammered.

What is this thing with G7 conferences?

17 thoughts on “Japanese Finance Minister Drunk

  1. Just shows how decisions in the corridors of power are arrived at. Maybe he aslo acts as advisor to finance ministers this side of the planet, like to ‘our’ Brian perhaps!

  2. Remeber Sarkozy at the G8 in 2007 (don’t know if this made the news in Ireland, it made very little noise in the mainstream over here) after his meeting with Putin.
    He was fucked drunk.

  3. Poor Sarko, and after that he had to go home merrily full of piss and porter to fall into the sack with Carla.

    No wonder he’s smiling.

    I’d say “our Brian” is well able to conceal his inebriation, only the eyes give it away there.

  4. He looks like a man thats fond of the sake alright, or else he is listening to a boring bastard.

  5. Having been in this position a few times in my life I can state categorically that the man is obviously suffering from either a cold or the flu.

    either that or he’s pissed…

  6. -Bock
    As regards the update there, I’m not sure he actaully admitted it, but if he did it’s nothing to do with guts, it’s because he doesn’t give a fuck. He does what he wants.
    Political life must be so much easier when you don’t even have to pretend that you give a shit what the citizens of the country think.

  7. Well, he was obviously drunk, and he shrugged his shoulders and said so. The reporters laughed.

    I’m not giving Sarkozy a medal. I’m only saying that the Japanese fellow claimed he was using a cold remedy,for fucksake.

  8. In the beginning he apologises for his tardiness due to the length of his ‘discussion’ with Putin.
    Then he asks if they want to start with questions. The reporters say yes so he says ‘Ok is there any questions?’ and shrugs. He doesn’t admit it on film and to my knowledge he never made any statement about it afterwards, and of course nobody asked him.
    I think that little clip was the only one to make it to TV.
    With the Japanese lad you could maybe understand that 12.7% might encourage a bit of sake binge but Sarko was just playing the big shot. Hob-knobbing with international crowd now that he’s a real life head of state. What a dick.

    Sorry to bang on about it but you have to understand that the guy has the morals of Bertie but a mind like Moriarty (of Sherlock Holmes fame not the tribunal). He leaves our own gang of crooks looking like a bunch of corner boys.

  9. Sarkozy did comment afterwards saying he was “out of breath”. “I was running late so I went up the stairs four steps at a time,” he said. “I didnt have anything special to say so I asked if there were any questions. I do not touch a drop of alcohol. That’s no special merit, I just don’t like it.” He also added that when he got home to Cécilia and the kids (pre-Carla days), they were all watching the playbacks of his performance and roaring with laughter.

  10. Charlie resigned today for being rat faced – long time – at G7 conference. Is having a nice “fright” home as we speak.

  11. Did you know that “Bock the Robber” as said by a Japanese person could translate as “Me, the lover”?

    And that “Limerick” in Japanese means “the work of officials, the agony of separation”?

  12. “I’m not giving Sarkozy a medal. I’m only saying that the Japanese fellow claimed he was using a cold remedy,for fucksake.”

    Those colds can be real bastards though if they get a hold – I use a similar cold remedy on a regular basis to prevent any kind of outbreak.

  13. Amazing the cultural attitude to drink and resigning betwen countries. A few years back the then T-shock Albert Reynolds was waiting patiently on the tarmac at Shannon Aipport to greet Boris Yelsin. But auld Boris was out of his mind from vodka on the plane. He was having a Shane McGowan moment while poor old Albert, as sober as a circuit court judge, was having a Bob Marley moment and was waiting in vain. On another occasion, Boris, once again teethering on the edge of the abyss from Siberian moonshine, told an astonished Pope John Paul about his love for Italian birds -as you do when you meet the Pope in the Vatican… But did Boris resign like some wimpish Jap? Did he fuck. He poured himself another drink and got on with the job like a man.

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