Obama – Cleaning Up The Mess


I love it!

2 thoughts on “Obama – Cleaning Up The Mess

  1. But will he clean up the mess……? Last week it was announced that the “Masters of the Universe” on Wall Street – the ones that did more damage to the USA economy than socialism, Nazism and Islamic Jihad put together could ever dream about – granted themselves a $20 billion (yes billion) bonus package for last year. Obama “condemned” the move. He said it was “shameful”. But that’s all he said, a mere slap on the wrist, tut tut, naughty boys and girls. True, the Wall Street CEOs are only beholden to their share holders, and in the upside down world they live in the effect on the US and world economy is incidental to their nefarious activities. But why doesn’t Obams nail them. Why doesn’t he announce a 99.9.9% tax on these bonus’s given the circumstances that they were “earned” under? He can’t nail them, that would be illegal I hear you say. He’s the President, draft it up, run it through Congress and hit them where it hurts. Some of the above CEO’s “earned” their bonus by pushing through massive job cuts. Thousands of people were handed P-45s and one of the above walked away with a $3 billion dollar pay out……. All this filters down through the system to dear old Hibernia folks. As they say, “if the US sneezes the rest of the world catches the flu.” Meantime, and far be it from me to be Obama’s adviser, but if he wants to make a spectacularly start to his Presidency then he should snaffle these fuckers. They are walking away with half the GNP of a small country while the world ecomony goes down the tubes. And they caused the problem in the first place. GUBU.

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